Friday, 12 August 2011

A special visit to a special school

A few weeks ago Noah's class from Punchbowl made a visit to his class at his special school.  It was a follow up visit from when Noah's NHS went to visit the kids at Punchbowl, and everyone was very excited about it.

The best thing was that Noah was wide awake the whole time for it, and really seemed to enjoy hearing all the noise around him.

It was so nice to see all the kids playing down in the gym together .

The kids with special needs abolutely LOVED having the other kids there to help them and play with them.  The smiles on their faces were so big all afternoon.

Last time the classes visited each other they did a dance together, so they put a DVD on and all did lots of cool dances together including the YMCA.

The kids were so amazing together.  It was very special to see them all holding hands, and wanting to help the kids with special needs.

After a play and a dance in the gym, they all went back up into the classroom and Noah's teacher had set up lots of different activities for the kids to try.  The catch was that they had to do the activities just like the kids with special needs have to do it every single day, so they could see what it was like.

Using the page turner to read a story together.

Some of them even had a turn of being hoisted from a wheelchair, onto the mat.

They had to work with a partner to use the PODD communication book to tell them something that happened on the weekend, which some of them found quite tricky.

It was a really special afternoon and it was so nice to be able to be there to see the kids interact and have such a great time together.


  1. OH HOW WONDERFUL IS THAT ...THE WORLD HAS COME A LONG WAY SINCE I WAS A GIRL... once the special needs children never got the chance to even go to school let alone be part of normal everyday life with other children.... I AM SURE GLAD I WAS BORN IN THIS DISPENSATION ...but there is still a long way to go i know .... Noah is a pioneer in his time...Love ya NoahXXXX

  2. Haha so lovely to see so many kids I know on your blog instead of the same usual drongos! :P

  3. this is wonderful, I wish every school would do this. Love the pics, all the kids look so happy.

  4. thats fantastic - helps get rid of any stigma for future grown ups!! so glad Noah loved it!!

  5. Those kids are absolutely gorgeous,love the smiles.
    It is nice to know that the kids are around the special needs kids, and they understand a little better what kids like Noah deal with everyday. Loving seeing Noah so awake.
    Love Mum.

  6. They look like they had so much fun! It's great when they have the kids join together. I hope that the things they learned from spending time doing something like the HNS kids do each day can stay with them and when they get older can see a disabled person and have some empathy and not walk the other way or make comments about the person with a disability. Wish more schools would get on board.

  7. Not only does Noah benefit from both environments, the ones he bridges can come together and learn from each other as well! I love this! How special it must be for Noah to have all his friends together in one place:) So glad to see all the kids were so happy and what an eye opening experience for the kids who don't have to work quite as hard as their new friends at daily tasks.

  8. I love this post. How wonderful to see these gorgeous kids teaching the Punchbowl kids a thing or two. Cannot get better teaching than that.

  9. WOW This post really touched me. What a wonderful thing to see!


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