Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Couldn't Resist It

For the past five years we have had a tradition that we take a photo of the boys in front of a tree outside our old house, when it is in blossom.  Harri started calling it 'the possum tree' instead of the blossom tree, so we still call it the possum tree.

Today I went to pick up the boys after school and thought I'd do a quick drive by our old house.  The tree was finally in blossom (it usually starts blossoming later than other ones on the streets around it) and I just couldn't resist taking the boys there after I picked them up, to get a photo.

I told the boys we were going to the possum tree, and Jay was like 'oh no, not again!!'.  I told them it would be super quick as I didn't even have my camera on me, and was just going to use my iPhone.  We pulled up outside our house and Kobe kept yelling 'me old house, me old house!' and was so excited to be there.

Someone has recently bought it and are doing a lot of renovations to it as it was very old inside. I would love to go in and check out what they have done.  There was  a tiler right in front of the tree mixing up some grout, and Jay thought he was getting out of it, but I went up to the guy and told him we were just going to take a quick photo and explained that we used to live in the house and for the past five years, we have taken a photo there at the same time of year. 

He asked me if I wanted him to take a photo so I could get in too, and I was like 'um nope! thanks anyway!  I only ever take one of the boys together to show how much they have changed during the year' and he said 'that is really cool'.

Harri is still growing like a weed as you will see from the photos.

I asked Jay if he will still let me take photos of them in front of the possum tree when he is in grade 10 and he said yes! I told him I'm writing that down so he can't go back on his word! We will see what he says in a few years when getting photos in front of a tree with your brothers isn't so cool anymore.


  1. They're sooo cute :) Love the tradition. Kobe and Harri are looking so much older.

  2. Harri definitely looks like he has changed the most. Good on you for going back! I can just see you when they are teenagers dragging them back!!!

  3. I really like this tradition - the tree grows too!

  4. I knew you would return to the scene of the crime!!! lol
    Love Mum.

  5. That is so cool. I think Noah has grown heaps each year too

  6. Noah has changes so much hey! he looks so little in the bottom two pics - and look how cute Jay was in the bottom one - I was hoping you'd use the 'possum' tree in your header some how!!


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