Saturday, 27 August 2011

Spa Saturday

When we were building our house (who am I kidding - it still isn't finished so we are still building it!) I was really, really excited about our bathroom.  I really wanted to have a bathroom that was big enough to move Noah around safely in, and especially wanted to have a deep spa.  Those who know me well know I LOVE laying in the bath for ages, but I especially wanted it for Noah so he could relax in the water, while the bubbles blew on his tight muscles.

He usually has showers using his shower chair during the week, but on the weekend he has a special treat because we have more time and often gets to have a spa.  It's actually raelly hard to get him into the spa as his hoist doesn't actually go high enough to clear the top of the bath, so we get him as high as he can go and then have to try to carefully lift him physically over the top without hurting him or my own back (or breaking any bones which I'm always so worried about!).

All the hassle is worth it though to see how relaxed and alert he is in there.  His eyes always get really big as he feels the bubbles on his body.   Don't you just love those fat rolls! :)

I usually let him stay in for ages as he loves it so much- like half an hour sometimes.  After I wash his hair and body, I get busy cleaning the bathroom, so he can just lay in there and enjoy the bubbles.

The worst thing is getting him out.  I know he hates getting out and hoisting him with the portable hoist is such a pain. Sometimes he will start crying as soon as he is out, which breaks your heart and you wish you could just let him stay in there all day long.

I just wish we had time to have Spa Saturday everyday.


  1. I love, love, love a spa! I can understand why Noah would love it too and I can imagine just how long it would take you from start to finish getting him in and out. I hope that you get to enjoy some time in there Lisa. You deserve it. X

  2. you meany...fancy only giving Noah a bath once a week!!!! he he... can i come and have a spa at your house too?????

  3. I love those tiles - so big and glossy. The bathroom is prolly bigger than your whole old house. ;) Looks like you take after your Mum Noah, loving those spas. :)

  4. Fiona's right, you are amazing. Such a great mum.


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