Friday, 10 June 2011


Who would've thought that my blog post about Jalen wanting a pet would've caused so much controversy!  Jay was so excited to point out to me that most of the comments were saying that he should get a pet.  When I would show him the few that said not to, he would change the subject and pretend he wasn't listening :)

I had been telling him he could have a fish for a while and told him that we would buy him a bowl and everything he needed, if he saved up for the fish.  He was so excited yesterday when I came home and surprised him with a fish bowl.  Straight away he went out with Aaron to the pet shop and chose three fish that he wanted. He chose three different cold water fish and has named them 'Mr Bubbles', 'Tiger' and 'Slick'. 

He is so excited about them and just sits and looks at them all the time, and comes out and tells me what they are doing.  Kobe keeps knocking on his door saying 'me say 'hi' fish Jay!' and then goes in and looks in the bowl and says 'Hi Bubbles, Hi Tiger, Hi slick!'.

Harri was so excited about Jay's fish and decided that he also wanted to use his pocket money to buy some to put in his bedroom.  This morning he went out and chose which fish he wanted.

He has called his fish 'Goldie' and 'Silver' (sounds like horses to me! :). 

It's cute seeing how excited they are and I'm quite happy with the fish, and have told them that it now means they have pets and can stop complaining :) I wonder how long I can hold them off asking me for something stinky and furry!?   I'm waiting for the first drama when one starts floating to the top, or when Kobe decides to go fishing, but fingers crossed these fish will live long happy lives in the King house.


  1. Fish are great. But I still think they need a 'furry and stinky' pet!!

  2. love it :) They look so pleased! :)

  3. I'm all for the 'furry and stinky' one too, but some the first step ;)

  4. I said no to mice ( they had em secretly) I said no to hermit crabs ( they had em secretly)
    The mice were fed to the cat as they started to smell and mum may find out. The hermit crabs I found due to the scratching in the shoe box they died . One day some one will land home with a kitten or a pup and what will you say to that excited face then....happens tee hee. Great the kids have a pet. If they float , then they learn about life and it is a teaching moment you have in no other way. Well done !! go girl you rock
    ps guess who gets the most attatched (Mum) Mumsie Kift

  5. i still havent introduced everyone to my "pet" goldfish yet...will have to post...i forgot what the grandkids name him...thats sad isnt it...
    it is still a lot of work taking the jug of water out each day and replacing it with free oxygenated waterwhen you dont have and airator...
    the things we do for pets... ( I am not look forward to the day of the "floater" either...

  6. We got the girls fish when we moved here. One didn't even last the night and the other took us 7 days to kill. I don't think anything furry will be safe at our house.

  7. Shame on you Lisa.
    Those boys need a DOG!!!!!!!!
    Love Mum.

  8. Just catching up on about 1000 blog posts I've missed since starting uni! Fish are a great 'starter' pet! They're pretty low maintenance but a great way for them to learn about the responsibilities of owning a pet. I also think that dogs are the BEST pet ever (if you choose carefully) because they give so much back and really do become part of your family. Just think of all the fabulous photos you could get of your boys and their dog. Not quite the same with a fish though ;)

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