Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Little Gym Buds

Kobe has had a sad two weeks as his friend Charlotte hasn't been at the gym as Kell and the kids have been sick for ages.  Whenever we would pull into the gym Kobe would ask me if 'Harlotte' was there.  I would tell him no and he would burst into tears.  We have missed them a lot and are so glad to have them back this week.

This morning we pulled into the car park and Kobe asks the usual question 'Harlotte here today Mum!?'.  When I said she was he was so excited and started yelling 'me love Harlotte, me love Harlotte!' and couldn't wait to get inside and see her.

As we were leaving today they were so cute - grabbing each others hands as they walked out.

We are happy to have our gym buddies back :)


  1. oh, so cute! Kobe is looking so much older lately :)

  2. I want to walk with my friends..


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