Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Big Brothers

Kobe loves his big brothers.  He follows them around all day long and annoys them until they've had enough of him, and it's usually then that the fights start.

But they are also very patient with him and teach him a lot.

Hopefully Kobe will be as caring as Jay always is to his little brothers, when he is older.


  1. Can I have a photo Lee?
    These boys really do love each other, and Kobe is going to be so smart with all the things he will learn from them.
    Love Mum.

  2. Your boys are such good brothers to each other!

  3. so cute! Jalen will have a head start on other boys with all the patience he is developing! Its great that they can be friends without fighting over the same toys!

  4. Hi! Yes it was me at TOFW :) it was lovely to meet you briefly!! love your photos too and love these pics of your boys together!! xo


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