Wednesday, 3 August 2011

This little monkey...

is still hanging at home with me and Kobe during the day.  This pic was taken at 10 am this morning, when he should've been at school.

This morning he woke at 4.45 am and screamed for an hour, before finally settling down.  We saw his paediatrician yesterday and I told him that he if he doesn't settle down soon, he was coming to live with him! I think that made him realise we were all tired and it was time to really start changing a few things around :)

He is now on an antibiotic for a 'pink' ear (not really infected but on the verge of it, so we are giving him an antibiotic anyway as it could be causing some of the discomfort and/or extra seizures), and we have also increased the other two seizure meds that he is already on (he has three seizure meds all together and one had already been increased).

It usually takes a little while for them to build up in his system, so it may still be a few days until we see any changes, if there are any at all. Fingers crossed that it will work because if not, that means we have to swap his meds all together and that means even more agitation as he comes off other meds.

I'm actually enjoying having him at home with me even when he is cranky, and it's nice not having to get him out the door early in the morning to get to school on time.  The boys have started catching the bus to school in the morning when I don't have to go out, which makes things so much easier (although I hate having to pay for it!). We are very lucky that the bus stop is literally about 100 metres from our house.

Noah's carer Di has been a lifesaver and has offered to come up to sit with Noah for an hour or two at different times so I can get out,  go to the gym and get some jobs done.  It's also a blessing that she just lives down the road from us, and is so good with Noah and loves him just as much as we do.

Hopefully only a few more mornings of this, and things will be back to normal again (trying to be very optomistic - I'm sure it won't be that easy :)


  1. That's funny about telling Chris that if things didn't improve Noah could move in with him, hopefully he was in his good mood! Good luck hope things get better soon so your family can settle into the regular routine, nothing worse when things are out of wack!

  2. Face the facts Lisa, Noah doesn't want to go to school!!!!
    Love Mum.

  3. Hope it all eases up for you soon xx

  4. I don't blame him, that bed look really comfy!
    I hope he is feeling better soon so you can all get a good nights rest. Thank goodness you have an awesome carer so you can get to the gym and burn off some energy :0)

  5. Oh I'm so sorry it's so hard to figure out what's wrong-- You must be so tired... hoping things get better soon! Sure love you!

  6. isn't that called "Wagging"... i am with your mother...i guess he just wants to hang out at home have more fun than he does...he he

  7. That picture is THE.BEST! The open mouth snooze. Makes me laugh. :) Ben had that look all the time when he was sleeping. I hope things are figured out soon because I know how it is to be behind on sleep.

  8. Hope Noah is feeling better. xxx


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