Monday, 8 August 2011

Techno Kids

I don't know how many times I've heard comments from people saying 'kids these days!  Back when we were young we used to play outside for hours, and knew how to make our own fun'.  I usually hear the comments when they see Kobe playing with my iPhone or the boys playing on their DS while we are at an appointment (anything to keep them happy and quiet as they have to wait for ages for Noah).

Yeah 'back in the day' I also made my own fun with my siblings, but we were lucky in that we lived on a farm and had more of an opportunity to explore and play outside all day.  I don't think that using electronics often though is necessarily a negative thing - kids these days need to know how to use them anyway if they want to keep up with things.  I have no doubt they will all use technology in some sort in whatever job they choose to do when they older.

I also think kids should able to have some fun using electronic gadgets as long as they have a time limit, and I know for sure that my boys have learnt a lot of things from using the computer and have learnt it a lot faster than any other way that I or their teachers, could've taught them.

I smiled last weekend when I went into my bedroom on a cold, dark, rainy afternoon and found the  boys in our bed 'playing' together. 

Yeah sure - they weren't running around the paddocks, jumping over creeks, catching bugs and making cubby houses out of sticks, but I still think they are turning out okay :)


  1. And look at the concentration .... hard to get kids to sit and concentrate on one task for too long these days too ;)

    Our kids have got no hope - we're a geek house and nothing will change that :D

  2. Totally agree Lisa!! I've heard ppl say ''I'll never let my kids have a DS" or "I don't give them cheap plastic toys made in china!" It's all good to say you want them out building cubbys all day and using there imaginations with paper and and sticks but reality is a bit different to that these days!! Everything in moderation I say! (oh, and thanks for letting me have a whinge on FB!!)

  3. well It would be awesome if we could all have the farms our parents did growing up but we would have to be squillionaires these days!! whats goin gon with Jays arm??? and tech stuff is good for kids with troubles with fine motor skills - we don't have much techno stuff (lets face it we don't know HOW to use it) but kels LOVES playing NICKjr on comp and has gotten really good at playing the fast moving games!! When summer comes they will be outside!! my kids watch waaaaay too much tv - same difference hey!!

  4. i agree too. mine love their gadgets! What happened to Jays hand?

  5. are they fighting!!!
    so this is a good thing!!!
    Plus we need to children to help us when we need help to figure things out!!! :)

  6. Oh I love it!!! You sure have cute boys!


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