Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Celebrating with Sarah

Yesterday I went up to Noah's school to talk to the principal and AP about Noah's leg and how we will manage with school once the pain settles down. They are both so lovely and always really supportive. They said they wanted to help in anyway they could, and today they sent down Di (his aide) to spend a few hours with him to give me a break.

It was so nice to be able to get out of the house and it was perfect timing as it is Sarah's birthday, and I wanted to catch up with her and Toni for lunch. I won't say exactly how old she is, but she is getting quite on in years! She was showing us all her cool pressies she got and was showing us a cute little scrapbook album that she makes with Chelsea. It's a great idea where they scrap a page and then send it to the other person who scraps and page and it just keeps growing and growing as they send it back and forth to each other. Aaron and I actually starred on a page (thanks Chels!) with photos from the different activities that we have been doing that involve music (as Sarah LOVES music).

Taj was so cute telling me that he was going to have lots of friends coming today and how his friend Oscar now had a baby called Tommy.

Tommy is still so tiny and cute.

I have to say he was loving me and giving me lots of big smiles :)

Toni made some beautiful little quiches and a lemon curd teacake for Sarah's birthday lunch which were VERY yummy (from her recipe Monday on her blog). We all sang to Sarah for her birthday, but I don't think that anyone actually sang as much as Sarah actually did! She kept singing 'Happy Birthday to me!'. I guess you get excited about these little things in your life as you get older! (and I know she will be loving this photo of herself!).

The kids had a great time blowing out the candles with her - lucky she had some help as there were a few candles and we didn't even have enough for her age! (I should probably stop teasing her now about her age since I am older than her!).

Hope the rest of your birthday is special Sarah. It was lovely being able to celebrate it with you.


  1. you are in big trouble - how big is my double chin??!

    next time i see you i am bringing my camera along to get some bad shots of you (as if that would be possible!)

    glad you got to get out today and have a break


  2. I didn't even notice until you said it Tone and anyone has a double chin when they are putting their head down like that you goose! You look beautiful - especially after just having a baby 6 weeks ago - you wouldn't even know.

  3. Cool I hadn't noticed the double chin Tone so once I finish this comment I will go back for another look.... ha ha. That lemon curd thing sounds yummy. I hope the 3 of you didn't do any YW work but just enjoyed the day. xx

  4. yay, happy birthday Sare. Her hair looks great. And yeah check for chins Lisa!!!! he he! I must post a luverly pic of you me, Lisa W and Aaron! Nice!!!

  5. Chelsea - I do NOT want to see anymore pics of me!! They are awful. As for Toni's so called 'double chin' it is now gone from this blog post! :)


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