Thursday, 1 September 2011

Run For A Wish

About six weeks ago we found out about a very exciting fun run/walk happening in Launceston in October.  It is called 'Run for a Wish' and it's to raise funds for the Make a Wish foundation.  We were so excited to know that it was for such a great cause, and registered for the run as a family as soon as registrations opened.

We feel that we could never do enough to pay back Make a Wish for granting Noah such a special wish in 2006 so when we were asked if we could go in a photo for The Examiner (our local newspaper) we didn't hesitate to say yes.   Supposedly we were the first family to register for the run, and of course Noah was granted a wish, so they felt that our family was perfect for the story.

We actually had a photo taken a couple of weeks ago, but after a lack of communication it never made it into the paper.  The original photo was just us with 'Flossie' the Make a Wish Fairy and the sponsor who was handing over a $10,000 cheque.   Kobe was very unsure about Flossie and kept hiding his head from her, every time she would try to get him to shake hands with her.

Yesterday we did another photo shoot with another photographer from The Examiner.  A reporter also came along and interviewed a couple of the organisers and us about how we felt about the run, and why we wanted to participate in it, and why others should participate in it.   This morning the article was in the newspaper. 
He got us to run towards the camera a few times and Kobe was absolutely loving it.  Harri kept taking off like a rocket, thinking that we were actually having a race, and we would have to do the photo all over again as he would get too far in front of us. It was lots of fun, and story turned out well.

It's on Saturday the 22nd October which we are really happy about, as most fun runs are on a Sunday.  It's open to all ages and abilities so there are no excuses not to join in.  You don't need to be a runner to join in - people can walk and even push a pram if you need to.   It's 'only' 6.5 km and the course is flat as it runs from Aurora Stadium to Heritage Forest and back again, so it should be an 'easy' run or walk (says me who is panicking as I need to be so much fitter before I attempt to run it at all!).

Simone did a beautiful post last week about it, and we can't wait for her and lots of others to join in with us.  For more information you should 'like' their Facebook page and go to the Run for a Wish website where you can register for the run, and get information about the course and prizes.  Everyone above 5 years old who participates get a medal, and there are also spot prizes.   Early bird registration finishes next week on the 6th of September.  After that the entry fee goes up by $10.  There are also options to register as a family or a team.

What are you waiting for!!!? :) 


  1. What am I waiting for???
    Air fares from USA to AUS to go down $600..
    have fun...enessan

  2. cant wait for this!!! im going to die but im giving it a go! see ya there

  3. I am touched by your blog and while wiping my tears took time to put something to St Giles for Noah.
    The gospel is beautiful because we get to see beyond what is here, now.


  4. Lisa! Thank you for your comment on my blog.It is my pleasure to be of help in my own little way. I hope I can do so much more but I am sure other relief society sisters are just a holler away. I enjoy your blog and felt closer to your family somehow. Take care. xx
    (ps- I was Isle_Tandz ;-)


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