Saturday, 16 July 2011

Just Dancing

Aaron is one of the youth leaders at our church who works with the boys from 12-17 years old.  Once a week they have an activity together and this week they played 'Just Dance' on the Wii.  We don't have the game at home, but Aaron came home and said how much fun it was so we went and grabbed it the next day as it was really cheap.

This was the first time we played together as a family, and man it was funny!  I think I did more laughing than dancing (if you can even call it that!).  Poor Kobe was in tears as he didn't have a controller, and luckily it was his bedtime, so we put him in bed and then played.

First of all it was 'Hot n Cold'.  Hari started to stress out at the beginning as he thought it was too hard, but later started to enjoy it.  Jay absolutely cracks me up as he decides that he can get more points by just waving his arms around like a crazy man.

Aaron obviously had a big advantage by playing the night before with the boys from church as he beat all of us in the first song. 

I actually got really hot from all the dancing and I had to strip off for the second song, which was 'I like to move it'. Taking the jacket off must've helped as this time I won.

I just had to put a little bit of the last song on which was 'Fame' as Aaron looks hilarious with all his feminine dance moves. 

Hopefully next time we post some videos of us playing 'Just Dance' we will be much better - it won't be hard to get much better than we are now,  as we are pretty bad!


  1. We love Just Dance! William has become really good at it. We just picked up a kid version with wiggle songs and others the other day which is bit more primitive but still a great game for Will. It is certainly a good workout dancing!

  2. Just wanna say... that was HILARIOUS! But kinda awesome at the same time.
    Well done!

  3. i have to get one of those WII;s ...i am sure i will get fit...(or kill myself trying all those moves..he he)

  4. hahhahahaha , you guys crack me up SO much that was the best video I've seen EVER. I love Jays sweet dance skills.

  5. Ohhhhhh, we have to get one of those!! That was one of the best blogs, hahaha, Job and I loved watching Aarons special moves. Jay can really shake it!! Love your outbursts of laughter, so funny!

  6. This was AWESOME!!! :) I'm glad I'm not the only one that laughs when I am playing. It's my new favorite work out though.

  7. Leona - did you see how cheap they are in the Kmart toy sale at the moment!? When we got ours it was over $300 just for the console - now it's like $159 or something and comes with three games! That's just crazy! Maybe a good Christmas present to put on layby? :) Annette - I'm thinking you should get one for sure - they are heaps of fun - you can do lots of exercise with them :)

  8. Lisa, how long are they on for sale? I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Another question....what exactly does Jae have a beanie and scarf on?
    can you still put thenm on lay- by?
    I t looks like so much fun, and I neeeed to lose weight desperately, and I hate walking, so this looks like a perfect way to do it.
    love mum.
    P.S. the grandkids would love it out here as well.
    Love Mum.

  9. These were seriously the funniest videos!!!!!!!
    I want that game :p


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