Saturday, 20 August 2011

How can you not love it!?

Today was the 2nd birthday at our gym which meant there was an aerobathon plus lots of fun things happening all day long.

The aerobathon was to raise money for St Giles and the Heart Foundation and people could either sponsor someone for the amount of classes that they participated in, or just donate money.   Simone and I decided to do our two favourite classes - Body Attack and then Body Pump, and Bonnie joined us for Pump.  It's great to have Simone back after having some time off after having Flynn.

Pump was lots of fun with Thomas and Caroline dressing up in awesome 80s gear to get us in the party mood. 

They were giving out prizes and said that the first person to put up their hand to wear a leotard for a track (g-string mind you!) would win a $100 gift voucher to Snappers Restaurant.  I straight away put up my hand as I knew I could handle a little embarrasment for a night out.  Luckily I was up the back of the room!

Simone decided to put her hand up for the next prize.  We cracked up as her prize was a free spray tan which she actually won at another class we did last year, and still hasn't done.  She will be looking super tanned this summer once she gets them done.

I can't believe we used to wear these in the 80s! I should've saved all of mine so we could keep wearing them to the gym! ;)

This is why we go to the gym - so we can look like these guys!  Pity we keep having babies and eating too much! :)

It was lots of fun and as Simone said 'how can you not love it?'.  We were both saying this morning that we can't understand how people can't love going to the gym.  We love everything about it - the way exercise makes you feel, the group classes, the great instructors and the awesome music that keeps you wanting to work harder.  We both agreed that if we were left to ourselves we wouldn't push ourselves half as much and just wouldn't bother exercising.

I'm sure we ate double the amount of caloires that we worked off with all the free party food.

Can't wait for the 3rd birthday celebrations when Lisa will be back with us :)


  1. ohh love it!!! and sooo true about the how can you not love it, it really the best! love the leotard too!

  2. this made me laugh sooo much. The leotards are hilarious!!! Gotta be in it to win it! Way to go girls!

  3. Umm no pass on the gym thanks, cant stand the thought of them :)

  4. Caroline bremner22 August 2011 at 13:34

    What a great story! And what you dont realize is it is truly beautiful members like you two that make it such a great place to work.
    We all lead very different lives but have the common love of exercising and having fun to music and it has been so lovely getting to know you and reconnecting with Simone again.
    I look forward to another two years at Pycsam with you guys, if not twenty!
    Xxxx Caroline

  5. LOVE Pycsam, glad you go there :)


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