Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Favourite Players

When we were at Super Saturday last week the boys were asked to be in photos with a couple of the Hawks players for some promotional material. I was able to get my hands on the photos (it's great having contacts within the club!). Harri was so excited to be in a photo with his favourite player, Luke Hodge. This photo totally cracks me up with Aaron the paparazzi on the side taking photos! I think I'm just posing wishing I was the one next to Hodgie! ;)

Harri also loves Campbell Brown who Jalen and his friend Rani, were lucky enough to be in a photo with.


  1. Love your connections in the club =P haha. Those photos are great- you look hilarious in the first one smiling in the background wishing you were up close to Hodgie ;)

  2. Why are footballers so damn good looking?

  3. Were going to stalk some Crows in June!!!!

  4. they are pretty spunky these footy players hey. Im seeing why you are getting so interested Lisa!!!


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