Saturday, 8 May 2010

That's what I'm talking about!

I am so far behind in my blog posts because I now spend so much time photoshopping. This actually happened weeks ago now and I just realised I didn't blog about it when I saw the photos on our computer.

A couple of weeks ago Shane Crawford was in town at the new Telstra shop as a promotion. The boys were lucky enough (lucky for them, not for me! ;) to have a student free day, so I decided to brave the rain and the crowds to go into town on my own with the four boys. I'm lucky that Jalen is such a great help or it would be impossible to have Kobe and Noah both in town together.

We lined up for about 15 minutes and then got to meet Shane who was very friendly. Jay told him that he was his 'all time favourite player' and asked him to sign his top which had the number 9 on it (Shayne's old number). Shayne asked him how old he was and when Jay told him he was 10, you could see him working it all out in his head to see how old Jay was when Shayne was in 'his prime' of playing footy. We told Shayne that Jay met him as a baby and had a photo taken with him which he thought was pretty coo. He then told Jay that he loved his hat and that those hats are all the style at the moment, and the types of hat that he likes to wear. Jay thought that was pretty cool.

I asked him if he would sign Noah's wheelchair which he was more than happy to do and he bent down to do it and noticed it was a Hawthorn colours on the back and signed by all the players and goes 'Wow! That's a beauty!'.

It made Jay's day to meet his all time favourite player, even though he's not playing anymore, but Harri was very confused. He kept saying 'is it Lance Franklin!?'. We kept telling him that it was Shane Crawford and Jay kept saying 'remember he said 'that's what I'm talking about!!' after they won the grand final, but he still had no clue who he was. In a few years Kobe will probably be asking Harri who Buddy Franklin is, and this time Harri will think he's the crazy one!


  1. Just tell Jay that I used to live at the same house as him for 18mths. No big deal......


  2. Cool! You took a pram AND a wheelchir to town at once!? Brave woman!

  3. we were just saying tonight that Hawthorn need to perhaps get their "do it for Shane" mantra back!!!


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