Friday, 7 May 2010

Becoming a Reality

It's starting to get a little bit exciting, with the slab of our house being poured this week. I can't wait to see the other stages as they happen - especially when we will be able to walk around and see where each room is. It's all starting to seem a little more real now.


  1. It just gets more and more exciting from here as you start to see walls go up and can really visualise where things will go. The double garage will be such a treat. You won't know yourselves getting Noah in and out. You will have to have a housewarming!!

    PS my arms are so sore from stick i can hardly type this message. :)

  2. oh wow! how exciting.... the boys should go carve their names in the cement in the garage!!

  3. Yayyy! :) so cool.

    Well, if you ARE going to take the cubby, are you going to be able to take it apart?? It won't fit down the side! YOu'll have to take it before the house goes up!

  4. They are going to build us a brand new one Alison and they put it together in pieces so it will be fine. There will be a single garage door going to the backyard from the garage so it will be able to go through there.
    The yard is very small but bigger than it looks in this pic (and so is the house bigger than it looks in this pic) but I figure that means less maintenance :)

  5. Fantastic! It's funny that when you look at the slabs they always look tiny and you wonder how a whole house will fir on there! Wont be long and you'll be in it.


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