Saturday, 1 May 2010


Kobe has had a cold for about a week now, but it just seems to be getting worse. Over the last couple of days his temp has also been up and down and he has just been miserable and really tired. I'm thinking he may have the flu. It's awful seeing him so miserable when he's usually such a happy little boy.

p.s. don't be alarmed about the sad look on his face as I took this! As soon as I took it, he stopped crying and came behind the camera to see how the photo turned out!


  1. sure hope he feels better soon, poor little guy looks very sad.

  2. I hope the Kobester is feeling better soon!!!
    Mum and I think that is the cutest photo of Kobe ever!!!

  3. those symptoms sound so familiar... thats what Rowan was like last week...i have now have Rowan with Chickenpox at the moment....(10-14 day incubation period) she was fine yesterday ..just a bit grizzly...last night in the bath i found a couple of blisters on her back and today they have multiplied considerably.... so no church for me tomorrow!!!!
    I hope poor Kobe feels better soon..they are so miserable arent they???

  4. Wow Lisa - I love, love, love the emotion you have captured here. It's brilliant. These are THE BEST kind of photos. So much better than just the happy snaps all the time. Congratulations on this one. Very, very impressive.
    And I can just imagine Kobe having a good sticky=beak of the photo afterwards. He did that with me while you guys were playing the sock game. It was the only way to stop him crying!!


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