Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Cross Country 2010

Seems like all schools are having their cross country at the moment. Jalen's was also last week at Waverley Primary School. It was a lovely day for Kobe and I, to go along and sit in the sun cheering everyone on. Jalen is in a class of 24 which includes 20 boys and 4 girls! Imagine being those 4 girls. It is actually a really lovely class and the boys absolutely love Kobe. As soon as they see him they are all over him.

As Jay walked off with the Grade 5 boys to start the race, it hit me how much shorter he is than most of them!

Jay isn't really a runner but did really well. As he came up the home straight he was really puffed out.

I saw the kid behind him about to overtake him and so did all his friends, and everyone started cheering 'Go Jay!' which made him sprint off. He beat the boy by a lot right at the end. Overall he came 7th which he was happy with.

After the race he told me he was going to get into training for next year. He always tells me that after a race and it lasts for two nights and then that is it. When Mum told him on Sunday night that I used to be good at cross country he was like 'really Mum!?'. I told him how I came 2nd in Grade 10 and in Grade 6 I went to the LSSSA and came 5th to which he was very surprised (I know - hard to believe now!). He then said 'well, I'm REALLY going to pick up my game now!'. I think he thinks if his old Mum can do well, then he should be able to as well.


  1. thats awesome Jay! Darbs doesnt have her Mothers running abilities yet! She came first at the other end last week!!! BUt love it that she gives it a go. I love the look on the boys face trying to catch Jay!!!

  2. I hated cross country! We had ours yesterday! funny how they're all at the same time of year!

  3. well done Jay! 7th Place is AWESOME!!!dfrftuppgfgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggyuujhfrf77yyyyyyyyypppppppppppvvvvvvgyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyjuk u8iiighhhhhhyhjkijlk;kllhjfdN/hmj;k[p;[p[lpllll[pllk[;k[p;pl[k;llllllllllllllllllljjj6uigtttttttttt7785676666666666666677y7yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyykkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (this is a letter from Kelsea "dear Harri, and Jay jay and kobe and his mum and dad and Noah....ummm kelsea" {the Kkkkkkk is for Kelsea she recognises only that and the E on the keyboard.!! })

  4. I love the photo of Jalen taking off with the boy coming fast behind him! We had ours last week too.


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