Monday, 10 May 2010

My Mother's Day

On Saturday night I told the boys that the best Mother's Day present they could give me would be for them all to sleep in. Jalen then asked 'isn't my love enough!?' to which I replied 'nah - a sleep in is better!'. I actually was only joking, but a miracle happened and all the boys slept in till 8am including Kobe! That is unheard of!

It was a lovely morning with presents and brunch. The boys made me some lovely cards and Harri's had a picture of me in a Hawthorn coloured top with the number 36 written up the top of the card. I said 'I'm not 36 Harri, I'm 35!' and he goes 'but it's Mother's Day Mum, so you are 36 now!'. Oh boy - imagine if I aged a year on Mother's Day and my birthday! I would be 45!!!

The boys sang at church with the other kids, for the Mum's (twice throughout the day!) which was really funny. All I could hear was Jay's loud voice and Harri coming in REALLY loud at the parts that he knew the best - usually at the chorus.

After church Mum came in for tea which was nice. We took the opportunity to get some photos in the leaves out the front of our house, before we rake them up (for the first time this year - there will be many more times until that stupid tree is rid of all it's leaves!).

The boys had lots of fun playing in the leaves - especially Kobe. Check out his cheeky face!

When I realised there were enough leaves to cover the boys, I thought that it was about time I raked a few of them up.

The boys weren't happy to come inside until Grandma had a leaf fight with them. They weren't too keen about getting leaves shoved down their undies though!

It was a lovely day spent with the people I love the most.


  1. i love these mothers day pics.... what a lovely day you all had in those leaves...
    what are you talking about the singing was great...even the loud bits ..made it all the more special i reckon....

  2. What a lovely shot of u all with your Mum. Autumn is the perfect time for great leaf shots. :)

  3. These photos are AHmazing! I absolutely LOVE them, especially the one of you and Noah, it is beautiful! And the one with your face all scrunched up while Kobe is throwing leaves on you! And your eyes look beautiful in the last picture... It was worth the ten minute loading of your blog to see them
    This is makayla =)

  4. Awesome awesome photos! :) You look sooooooo freakin' pretty in the first one. Like you're in your 20s! (and I'd know, since I am in my 20s, lol).

    You got some beaaaautiful ones of Noah. :)

    Awesome. AWESOME.

    Well done.

  5. these photos are lovely lisa - love the action shots!

    (oh, and the leaves down the undies trick!!!)

  6. Beautiful shots Lisa - you managed to capture the true essence of mothers day - I agree with Alison, you look especially young and beautiful in the first shot.=)


  7. love the pics. hope you got no tics!

  8. Loved the pictures. I really like the last one with you and Kobe and the one of Lorraine chasing the kids - bet she got them good!


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