Saturday, 15 May 2010

Ready for the Ball

Makayla asked me if I would take some photos of her and her friends before her school ball. I of course thought it would be fun, until I realised how many girls there would be, and was then very nervous!

It was all a bit chaotic trying to get them done before it got too dark, trying to make sure I got individual photos of each girl and trying to also get photos of them with their families, plus all together as a whole group, but hopefully I got some that they are happy with.

I took so many and will be very busy editing for a little while. You can check more of the photos out over at my image blog.


  1. wowzers , look at them all! Gorgeous. Oh to have a reason to wear a pretty dress like that eh!

  2. This one is one of my favourites- i love it! =) Thanks sooo much again Lisa, you did an awesome job getting photos of everyone before dark etc etc.. They really are aweosome, i love them! =)

  3. Beautiful photos! Makayla - you and your frinds look stunning!

  4. I discovered your blog through a fellow blogger's site and love it! This is a lovely photo. You all look pretty!


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