Sunday, 9 May 2010

An Amazing Mother

For a long time now I've been reading a blog by an amazing woman who lives in the US.

Her name is Stephanie Nielson and she was in a near fatal light plane crash almost two years ago, and was severely burned, along with her husband. She is a mother to four kids. She has done a lot of interviews since the accident including being on the Oprah show.

This week she posted a short video on her blog which is also on YouTube. She is such an inspiration with her whole attitude about her 'new life'.


  1. I've read her blog before, she's amazing. The video is beautiful.

  2. That is so so beautifully filmed. I love the way it was put together.

    I've read her blog quite a bit too.

    Puts things into perspective, huh!? Yikes.


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