Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Super Saturday

On Saturday we went along to the Hawthorn training session and 'Super Saturday' at Aurora Stadium. Hawthorn was playing the Kangaroos on Sunday which we would've loved to have gone to, but we are happy they are playing three Saturday games this year. The boys often think that going along to the training sessions and meeting the players are better than the games anyway.

We all put on our Hawks gear on and looked like a bunch of bumble bees :)

Kobe looked so cute in his hand-me-down jumper from when Jalen was a toddler.

He was soooo excited to meet Hawka for the hundreth time! He never gets tired of seeing him and waved to him the whole time we were there.

The team took a long time to arrive but the boys had fun playing together while we waited.

Nicki and Alex and the kids also came along which was fun.

Finally the team came out to train, and Harri was so excited to see all the players that he talks to Aaron about all the time at the moment.

It was fun watching them train and listen to Harri give commentary on who each player was.

At the end of the training session all of the players came over to the fence to sign autographs. We were in an excellent spot right on the fence, near the change rooms so all the players came over including Harri and Aaron's favourite - Hodgie.

When he got to us one of the girls that work for Hawthorn (who was with Aaron on Thursday at the school fair when he was being Hawka) asked Hodgie if he would get his photo taken with Harri for the website. Beforehand everyone was told they were only able to sign autographs but didn't have time for photos so it was very lucky that Harri got to get a photo with him. Hodgie was so lovely and asked Harri if he wanted to jump up on the fence to sit up near him for the photo.

Jalen was also asked to get his photo taken with Campbell Brown for the website. Harri was in tears as Campbell didn't come over to sign anything but was signing stuff through the fence as he was walking into the change rooms. After lots of tears Harri convinced us to take him over to see if he would sign something for him. He did sign his book, and Harri was a very happy boy again.

On Monday morning Harri woke up and asked if the Hawks won on Sunday. I told them they lost and he said 'they are all so lazy, except for Hodgie -he's the only one who isn't lazy!'. He is quite disgusted that they have lost a few games already, but would never want to put Hodgie down. I have a feeling that he is going to be more Hawks obsessed than Aaron if that is even possible!


  1. ohh I love it. NIkki... Im disappointed you didnt dress up! And I love how different Jay and Cobe's eyes are! Check out all their muscles! Whoa!

  2. Check out hodges (i think thats who it is?) arm! I'd even go watch the hawks train to see muscles like that!!!

  3. watch out lisa...you might get yourself a job as the hawks official photographer ;)


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