Wednesday, 26 May 2010

My brother, the photographer!

A lovely thing about Nan passing away is that we got to see lots of the family again who live on the mainland. It was great to have Chrish come down for the third time this year already! On Monday we had lots of fun hanging out together, up at the Gorge, taking photos. Chrish took some beautiful photos of me and Kobe. I usually HATE photos of myself but I like the ones he took as they are of the two of us just being natural together. This was one of my favourites that he took, that I had fun editing.


  1. Hey I wasn't meant to come out of the closet yet :)

  2. wow! love this shot chrish!! Can't wawit to see more - though I guess I'll have to join facebook again to see all the pics ppl take!!! grrrrr!! ;)

  3. Go Chrish Go....
    you are definately out now...busted good....

    (whose camera did you use though?????)


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