Thursday, 27 May 2010

My Crazy Boys

Today was 'Crazy Day' at the boys school. They got to wear crazy clothes and/or crazy hair and had to donate a gold coin which goes towards the school. They were VERY excited! Check out Kobe copying them being 'crazy' sticking out their tongues!

Jalen wore all of his clothes inside out, and undies on his head. I thought he looked bad, until I saw one of his (guy) friends dressed in his sister's school dress! The kids at school were very hyped this morning. I doubt they got much work done.


  1. How crazy are those guys! Love Noah's wig reminds me of the crazy day sales clown on TV! I wonder how the teachers coped for the whole day!!!!!! At least only one more day until school holidays!

  2. Hahahaha! What a crack up! I laughed out loud when I saw Noah! What a clown!

  3. Ha ha ha, this is very cute! The boys look fantastic. I love the socks on the ears and the wig. Great work guys, I hope you raised heaps of money for the school.

  4. Holy tongue-curl! Can Kobe stick his tongue out and curl it up? I've always wanted to be able to do that but my tongue is way too short and fat! And Noah is totally ROCKIN' that rainbow wig! Awesome!

  5. Har, har, har, har,

    I LOVE these pics.
    Your boys are so awesome.
    I'm the same as Alison - I laughed out loud too.
    Especially Noah - you should frame a set of these. You will never fail to make your visitors smile :)


  6. spunky boys! Harri looks so grown up with spiky hair!! He will be a heart breaker! Love Noah's sexy wig and did Jay win a prize for his crazy outfit?!?!?!!?

  7. Your boys are such crack ups!!! I was laughing out loud =P


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