Saturday, 1 May 2010

A new blog

I haven't been happy with my blog recently as I felt like the reason I started it was to keep a family journal and share with people what we were up to. Since I have been learning how to photoshop with the amazing Fiona, and have been having lots of fun playing with my new camera, I feel like it has taken over my life a bit. I have so much to learn and I just want to learn it all RIGHT NOW! I love it and want to continue playing with photos, but as Aaron said the other day 'our family blog is suffering'.

I want our family blog to be about what we are up to and to continue sharing news and the every day things that makes our family, our family.

So....after much thought I have decided to create a new blog where I will post photos that I have had fun taking and playing with. Feel free to visit it by clicking on the photo below.


  1. GREAT idea.. It was like photos, photos,photos, a snippet of the king family, photos,photos,photos... Who's eye is it?

  2. Oh and the eye is AWESOME that you can see you taking the picture in it!

  3. Thanks Mak. It's actually Kobe's eye from the same photo as the one down below on the 'sick' post - you just can't tell he was crying :)

  4. Great idea Lisa but PLEASE don't over extend yourself by trying to regularly keep up with 2 blogs. You are so lovely and want to please everyone, but if you over-do things it may be detrimental to your well-being. I worry about you but at the same time am really proud of how much you have improved every week with your photography skills.
    Fiona xxx

  5. haha, thats three blogs now, you blogger queen you :)

  6. oh Fiona - you crack me up. You don't have to worry about me at all - I think having two blogs will make things easier actually. I just want to separate family stuff from other stuff I'm playing with.


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