Monday, 31 May 2010


I love it when Chrish comes home as we get to hang out together and do what we love doing - take photos! Last week we headed to the Gorge with Kobe who was excited to have Uncle Chrish out and about with us.

The funniest thing was comparing my photos to Chrish's photos - he got so many shots of me taking photos, and vice versa. Kobe loves it when I take photos and always wants to see the photo afterwards.

We lost Chrish for a bit, and then spotted him hanging out in the trees taking photos.

This photo was taken by Chrish

I usually hate photos of myself, but I love these ones of me and Kobe that Chrish took.

Thanks for the fun morning Chrish. Can't wait to do it again when you come down in the next couple of weeks!


  1. I love this post! I am just speechless. the photos are absolutely exquisite!!!!!! AMAZING! You two have some real talent

  2. These are fantastic pics. You have such a gorgeous little model in Kobe!!

  3. I'm so jelous of your talent Lisa. Such beautiful photos and a very cute model - his eyes are amazing.

  4. Makes me miss Chrish more, and I must say he is getting more handsome as he gets older. z
    Some of my favourite people in one of my favourite places. Love yours and Chrish's photos!!!!
    Love Mum.

  5. I love that we get to see a pic of you taking the photo then the photo you took!! Autumn is so beautiful, you make it look so utterly amazing .. (p.s love Kobe in his little gumboots, SUPER cute )

  6. looks like your really enjoying your camera, loved all the different angels chrish got you in!
    some really 'beautiful' pictures of you and Kobe. His little beanie is so cute!
    loved the boys crazy hair day too- undies on the head- great idea, very brave too! He wasn't worried about the "girls" seeing his scruds??? lol

  7. nice choosing of the pics that you put up, our pics aren't as different as I thought when you edit them :)

  8. Just love these are sure a talented photographer Lisa....
    Love the one of you and Koby looking at the pics you have taken (but then i guess you have to give Chrish the credit for that one hey???)


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