Friday, 21 May 2010

Cake for Nan

Yesterday morning my beautiful Nan passed away suddenly after having another stroke. In February we were wondering how long she would last without having Pop around and hated to think of her being alone without him, for too many years.

Nan suprised us just after Pop passed away and seemed to be doing really well. We knew she missed Pop so much though and every time you would mention Pop's name she would have tears well up in her eyes. She hasn't been able to communicate very well since her first stroke, but it was obvious how much she loved and missed Pop. Whenever they were together they would be holding each other's hands.

The way I remember Nan the best is when she lived at their house in Dunorlan. She absolutely loved her garden and we would often go up there to say hi and to play in the yard, picking and eating all their fresh vegies straight out of the garden, and popping Nan's flowers (which she hated us doing!).

I'm actually really happy for Nan and Pop as they are now together again and no longer in their frail old bodies. When Dad told me yesterday morning I felt sad that I won't see Nan again for a little while, but so happy that she is again with Pop. They are amazing examples to me and I love and will miss them both so much. My boys are so blessed to have known their great grandparents and to know what amazing people they both are.

Chrish reminded me yesterday of Nan's carrot jelly which we weren't too keen on, but one thing which we did LOVE was her sponge cakes. She usually had a sponge cake on hand and if you came to visit she would pull it out. There were many times when we would visit just to have a piece of Nan's famous sponge! :) When I told Harri yesterday that Nan had died he said straight away 'oh she's in Heaven with Pop now!'. When I told Jalen he had a few tears and after school he told me that he had to go to the toilet during class time to have a bit of a cry. When he got back his friends asked him what was wrong and he told them about Nan. They were lovely to him and he said to them 'just don't mention the words 'Nan', 'sponge cake' or 'biscuits' or I will get upset again!'. The boys used to love visiting Nan and Pop at their home in Deloraine and having a piece of sponge cake and raiding Nan's biscuit container.

While the boys were at school yesterday I decided that we should do something to celebrate Nan's life, so I whipped up a sponge cake using Nan's recipe. It was no where near as good as Nan's would've been but the boys were very excited to come home to have a piece of cake for Nan.


  1. So sad but such a happy tribute to your Nan. Beautiful photos to really capture your grandparents as well - together and happy :)

    What is it with Nans and sponge cakes anyway ??? :)

  2. That's beautiful Lisa - you have a way with words AND photos!
    Love the photo with Harri and the cake (I can't make sponges)

  3. Kylie - I didn't think I could either but Nan's recipe is really good and easy. You just have to make sure you fold in the flour at the end with a fork or something, rather than mixing it in flat out or it makes all the air go out of it.

  4. Sorry to hear about your loss. Sad for those hear but a blessing that the two are together again! Thinking of you guys.

  5. Together forever at last.... sad for you all that you wont see her again in this life but what a party there will be in heaven with Sheila whipping up spong ckes for everyone and the gardens up there wont know what hit them....such a beautiful lady who touched many lives with her example of love, testimony and commitment to her family...
    we will all miss her...

  6. love Harri bogging into the sponge. I'm happy, but sad

  7. that is very sad, sorry to here Lisa, but how lovely that they were only a part for such a short time...
    that sponge cake looks delicious.
    my nan is very well known for her sponge too! yummmm, really feel like some now!

  8. look at you mrs king...going home to
    "whip up" a sponge cake...who would have thought?!!

    beautiful memories :)

  9. excuse me Mrs "I'm so perfect", oh no what is it again 'Make it Perfect' I CAN actually cook somethings - just not a fan of doing it :)
    Love ya Tone :)

  10. They are both so beautiful =)
    I love that pic of Harri. And ir was making me laugh you saying you were just going to whip up a cake. I always have the impression that you cant cook!! haha

  11. Oh Lisa, hugs to you all and I am so glad you have those photos and OH MY how amazing they are looking with the photoshopping!! Yay you and yummo to the cake, it looks DELISH!!


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