Tuesday, 2 February 2010

That Time Of The Year

Yep - it's that time of the year again when Aaron gets butterflies in his tummy as the excitement builds for footy season. Next week is the first game of the season in Launceston with the NAB cup game - Hawks V Tigers.

This week the Hawks are back in town doing community camps and promotional and fundraising events. We knew they were going to be at the Gorge this morning so we headed off to check them out. We were so lucky as we were the only ones there to see them. Just as we arrived they were walking off to get some promotional photos taken.

One of the guys that works for them told us that we could hang around and watch and after they got some photos taken and interviews for TV we could get some autographs if we wanted.

Just as they were about to get their photo taken, Kobe bolted across the grass straight to them. I took off to grab him and got to him just as he was right near the team. I started carrying him away and Luke Hodge told me to leave him there for the photo, but I quickly took him away which he wasn't happy about.

We get to see the Hawks a lot as they come to Tassie so often, but it is always hard to get time with Buddy as so many people want photos with him or his autograph. There have been a couple of times where we have asked him for his autograph and he hasn't been the most pleasant and happiest about doing it as he obviously gets sick of being asked. We realise that they get asked for autographs and photos a lot, but you would think you could manage to put on a smile for a couple of little kids (and big kids) if you knew they were Hawks supporters and it would make their day (or year).

Today was a lot different. Buddy was really lovely and more than happy to sign the boys ball for them and then got a photo taken with all of us. Aaron asked if he was able to play in the NAB cup game as he had been suspended for a week. He said he can play in the NAB cup but is out for the first round. Aaron was having a good chat to him about the game he got suspended in (as we were at the game in Melbourne) and they were both saying what a stupid call it was. It made Aaron's day (as you can tell from the photo!)

The boys were really excited to get their photo taken with him, except for Kobe who wanted to go to the playground to play instead!

Harri's favourite player is Luke Hodge. As we were driving to the Gorge Harri was saying he hoped 'Hodgie' was going to be there. He was so excited when he saw him. After the group photo Hodgie went off to get some promotional photos taken.

Harri hung around waiting for him to finish and then walked up to him and said 'Hi Hodgie - we're just getting your autograph!'. It cracked me up as he didn't care at all that he was a famous football player and was so casual about it. I reminded him it would be nice to say 'please could I have your autograph Hodgie' which he did and Hodgie was really nice and happy to do it for him. Harri then said to him 'I got this top for Christmas and it has number 15 on the back' (Hodgie's number). Hodgie smiled and asked him if he wanted him to sign the back of it which he of course did.

I said to Harri 'tell Hodgie why you wanted number 15 on the back' and he wasn't sure what to say so I said 'is it because he is the worst player?' and Harri looked up and goes 'yes!!' which cracked us all up including Hodgie. I then asked 'is he really worst player!?' and Harri goes 'no the best!'.

It was a fun morning watching the players being photographed and interviewed, and getting back into the excitement of the footy.

We were loving the inclinator and not having to walk back up the hill pushing Noah.

Kobe was loving riding on Mum's shoulders. As we were leaving he lent down and planted a big kiss on her cheek.

We recorded the news tonight just in case we were on and were laughing that we were on both the Southern Cross and WIN TV new bulletins! The boys think they are so famous now.


  1. Oh my goodness! You're soooo famous!

    How awesome!

  2. Fantastic! I can say "I knew you when" back in the days before you were famous! I bet Aaron wishes you'd listened to Hodgey and let Kobe be in the photo!
    I love that they are doing so much for Tassie and bringing so much money here! GO HAWKS!

  3. wow, anyone would think that you were the only locals in launceston

  4. Wow,I was with the famous King family, or is that Aaron the obsessed Hawk supporter.
    Fly the mighty Hawks!!!!!
    Love Mum.

  5. I think that perhaps you told Kobe to bolt off to the players! Ha ha. I missed the news, I like WIN television's coverage of you guys best.

  6. With your title and the start of the first sentence I thought this was going to be a post about Aaron and getting all excited about school starting again soon (I nshould have known better).

  7. Hallie wants Aaron to adopt her!! LOL


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