Saturday, 2 January 2010

Old Friends from Far Away Places

I love this time of year. Not only because it is summer time, but often a lot of my old friends come home for Christmas which means we can catch up. Today I was excited to have three old friends meet up at City Park - some more of the 'gutter girls' from the good old days at Don College. Today we met up with Samara who was here from Adelaide, Corby (no that is not her real name, but she will always be known as Corby :) who was here from Aukland, NZ, Ange from Hobart,and Lynne and Bec. Penny was hoping to meet up with us as well but wasn't able to make it in the end.

It was so nice to see them all and their husbands and exciting to see how much their kids had grown. Last time we saw Samara, Felix was a newborn.

Last time we saw Corby her little girl Kerala was also very young, and now she also has a boy, Jeram.

Jalen, Harri and Kobe came to the park with me. Everyone was saying how good it must be to have someone Jalen's age who helps out with their little brothers. Jay is always so good with Kobe and happy to play with him.

Jay and Harri on the other hand have a big love/hate relationship. They love each other and are best friends, but then they are normal brothers and get on each others nerves as well at times.

Harri niggles at Jay all day long, until Jay finally loses patience with him and tells him to leave him alone. Then Harri gets upset and says 'you're not my best brother anymore Jay!'. With this cheeky face though Jay always forgives him and then they are best friends again.

It was so nice to see Samara, Corby and Ange, but also nice to catch up with Lynne and Bec again even though we catch up regularly.

We aren't sure when we will all be able to get back together again (especially at the same time), but hopefully it won't be too long. I'm sure the next time we get together there will be even more kids to chase around the park!


  1. It's so good that you all get to catch up! it makes our CEA group look a bit slack doesn't it!

  2. That is so awesome that you are all still friends!

  3. It's great Anna as we don't really keep in contact much except via FB but everyone is still the same and it's not like we haven't seen each other for ages.

  4. Lisa - I always think this but never tell you - You look GREAT!!! Can't believe you have had 4 kids and you look THAT good!!!

  5. Aww - thanks so much Hannah. You made my day :)

  6. you have had a great year of catching up with friends.... but i think that being able to do that means that you have been a great friend and kept in touch with them all..that is what its all have to be a friend to have a friend..(or something like that!!!)
    i am glad that you are mine...
    and i agree with Hannah whole heartedly.. good job you never went into modelling..Elle wouldnt have stood a chance...

  7. lucky you can meet your old friend..hmm i really miss my old friend


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