Monday, 18 January 2010


A VERY long time ago (something like 20 years ago) Robert boarded with our family for about a year. I don't even remember now how he got the name but back in the day his nickname was 'Bobbles'. I know he hated it then and probably hates it even more now! Robert is Fiona's older brother and when I saw a photo of him on Facebook a couple of days ago that Fiona had taken I realised he was down in Tassie with his family.

I got a lovely surprise last night when Jared rang up and asked if it was okay to bring Robert around for a visit. It was so lovely to see him and to meet his lovely wife and one if his sons, and catch up on what has been going in the last 20 years or so! I think the last time I saw him was about 16 years ago when Aaron and I went to a Young Single Adult convention in Geelong. Boy how things have changed since then!

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  1. Remember he used to send Nicki berserk, by calling her Knicker-pants"
    Those were the days, and the chocolate mousse, and disappearing in the middle of a game of hide and seek. LOL
    Love Mum


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