Sunday, 24 January 2010

A Brave Grandma

I'm still mourning the loss of my 'good' camera. Today I was chatting to Gina who is a photographer (and Alex's sister) and she informed me that cameras have a 'shutter life' and maybe mine was up :( She said it can be fixed but it may not be worth fixing depending on the cost of it, so we are still waiting to hear back from Nikon.

In the meantime I have begged Mum to let me use her camera as we are going away tomorrow for a week or so (depending on things at home - my Pop isn't doing very well and isn't likely to make it through the week) and I really wanted to have a nice camera to capture some photos of our week away.

Tonight when we got home I uploaded the photos from Mum's camera onto our computer. It was fun seeing some photos that she took of the two days that the boys spent staying at their house. She is a VERY brave Grandma having four of the grandkids stay at once - and all sleep in the tent for the night - with her!

The boys had such a great time at Mum and Dad's and are still talking about it. Jalen was so excited to do up and old bike with spray paint and stickers.

Harri is SO scared of dogs after an incident with the dog across the road, but he tells me that he isn't scared of Tracey anymore!

They all went for a walk across the road hoping to get some cherries, but they were out of luck as there were no cherries left on the trees.

Mum took the kids to the beach at the Bluff which the boys loved.

They then dropped the girls off to their homes and the boys got to stay an extra night on their own. They loved sleeping in the tent with Grandma again and hanging out in Deloraine with her. They thought it was great going to the new lolly shop 'a little piece of heaven' and came home with lots of different treats. They also had lots of fun hanging out at the park.

This photo cracks me up. I told the boys to come and check it out and said 'didn't you have fun at Grandma and Grandpa's?' and Harri laughed and says 'yeah we DID!' and Jalen says 'that is our 'gansta' pose Mum!'.


  1. You would have laughed hysterically at the one of the boys in that snail shaped sculpture. I told Harri we had to hurry as we had to catch the bus, so I started to walk away, and then I heard this skreeching, of course it was Harri, so I walked back, and of course it was in the caravan park, and all the tourists had come out to have a gander. Harri had climbed in, but panicked because he couldn't get out. I laughed so hard, and told him, if you can get in, you can get out, so of course big bother Jae proceeded to lecture him, about being silly, and everyone was laughing their heads off.
    "I can't do it Grandma", but then he did.
    "I was very brave wasn't I Grandma"? , and "I have been an excellent boy haven't I"?
    You have to love the kid.

  2. oh yeah - that is Harri all over. You either have to laugh at him or you want to kill him!
    Like today when he lost one of his toys Eden and Steph gave him for his birthday. I was saying goodbye to everyone and ran outside hysterical saying 'stop saying goodbye to people Mum!! I've lost chewy!!'.
    Eden was in fits of laughter.

  3. Lorraine you are very brave - two kids in a tent with me is my limit! I love that last photo.


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