Friday, 29 January 2010

Australia Day

We woke up on Tuesday to a beautiful Australia Day. Harri was so keen to go fishing so we promised him that is what we would do first.

He kept on telling me that he was going to catch a fish and we could eat it for tea. I was hoping that would be the case, but I wasn't counting on it :)

Harri was loving it and Aaron said he would've stayed there for hours if we let him.

Kobe and I decided it was way too hot and boring watching them fish (and Kobe wasn't keen on sitting in his stroller happily watching!) so we went for a walk to the playground while the rest of the boys fished.

It was a really hot day (got to 29 degrees) so we didn't hang around at the playground for long as it was just too warm. Kobe loved looking at all the boats.

He was so cute when he realised what we were looking at, and kept doing the arm movement that Captain Feathersword does on the Wiggles with his feathersword, to say it was a boat like Captain Feathersword's.

The boys finally gave up on the fishing after Aaron only caught one that was undersized and came over to the playground for a play as well.

The inner boy came out in Aaron (although most of the time it's not actually hidden very well!) and thought he would be funny and try to bounce me off the see saw.

We went back to the shack for some lunch and then decided to go to a beach just up the road from the shack for a little while. We didn't want to drive to Binalong Bay just yet as we weren't sure whether Kobe was going to hate the beach or not and didn't want to make all the effort to get Noah onto the beach if it wasn't going to be much fun. The boys were so excited to finally get to the beach...except for Noah who was happily snoozing away the day!

The beach was deserted which was lovely, as we had it all to ourselves.

It was so warm even I ventured into the water! I was surprised that the temperature of the water wasn't that bad, although I wasn't that keen on going straight under.

Jay and I had lots of fun playing over on the rocks. Jalen loved climbing as high as he could get and going down where the waves splashed up on the rocks.

While I had fun playing with Mum's camera :)

Kobe still wasn't sure about the beach and sat pretty close to the tent with Noah, just playing with his buckets. We were slowly getting there though as he was at least happy to get his legs on the sand without going totally ballistic.

I took him down to the water edge and he was happy enough to sit on my knee while the waves splashed up on us.

He wasn't keen on taking his crocs off just yet though! We didn't want to push it too much so we left them and his clothes on while he was happy enough to get a little bit wet!

He actually started laughing and I told him he had better be careful or he would ruin his image of hating the beach!

We were hoping that it meant we could go to Binalong Bay the next day and have him quite happy to play in the sand and water without getting too upset.


  1. Great to see Kobe starting to like the beach!!

    Love your bathers Lisa.

  2. my favorite place ...the beach... i am jealous...Enjoy.

  3. thanks Anna. The top is just from Target and I've had the boardies forever - got them in QLD on Noah's Make a Wish trip, but can't always fit into them.

  4. From reading the last two I kinda get the feeling it's leading up to Kobe and a "not liking it" beach story (I hope I'm wrong and he LOVED it the whole time!)

    What's with the word verifications today this one is "wormedos" - is that what you use to catch "fishedos"?

  5. You got so many good pictures! I'm going to have to make a list of the ones I like the best. I LOVE the one of Noah snoozing in his chair with the water kind of blurred in the background. :) SO good. :)


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