Sunday, 17 January 2010

Summer Holidays

Okay - so I have a 'slight' dilemma. Without my camera I am lost. Yesterday something happened and I did what I would normally do - thought 'quick, get the camera!!'. Just as I was about to grab it I remembered that it was still broken. It was like one of those bad dreams that you never wake up from.

Alright....maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, but really I am feeling very lost and sad without my good camera. I do have my other little point and shoot, but I really detest taking photos with it and don't even see the point of it. I know that is a bit dramatic, but it's just not the same after using a nice camera. By the time you get it turned on, and it starts focusing you have missed the moment.

So I had to make a choice. Should I give up on my blog for a while? Everyone knows it's not worth blogging without some sort of photo! I decided I just couldn't bring myself to blog without putting a photo up, but I also couldn't just let my blog sit there doing nothing for weeks at a time. The only option then is to blog using old photos that I haven't posted before. So for now that will have to do, and if I'm really feeling desperate I'm going to have to pull out the little point and shoot camera... let's hope the Nikon service centre works fast and tells me some good news! :)

Enough of dwelling on a very sad situation... I have a motto that I like to share with people...if you can't change it, don't dwell on it - it only makes it worse. If you can change it then stop moaning and do something about it.

I guess I take that attitude with the situation with Noah. It's not something we can change and if we kept trying to work out why it happened, how it happened and all the terrible and awful things about it, we couldn't cope and wouldn't enjoy the time that we have with him. Of course Noah having hydranencephaly is a lot worse than my beloved camera breaking, but you can still look at the situation with the same attitude - get on with it and make the best out of a bad situation.

We are loving summer holidays. Everyone goes on and on about the amount of school holidays that teachers get, but I always say if the job was so great and worth it for the holidays then everyone would be a teacher. Being a teacher definitely has to be something you love doing or the holidays would NOT be worth it at all. Aaron loves his job, but comes home exhausted and stressed a lot of the time.

It's so nice to all be on school holidays together. It's hard to believe we are over half way through holidays already. We have been enjoying the simple things that summer brings - like hanging out in the boys pool in the backyard on hot days.

Kobe often goes out to play in the backyard and jumps in the pool - clothes and all! This day he decided that he didn't want any clothes on and jumped in totally nude!

The boys don't really realise how lucky they are to have Aaron home with them ALL off the summer holidays. I keep telling Jalen he needs to be a school teacher as it's a great job to have when you have a family, but he still thinks that being a video game creator, a rock star or a comedian is a better job. Let's hope he changes his mind as he gets older! :)

Only a few more weeks of holidays left and it will just be Kobe and I at home everyday! After ten years of being a stay at home Mum, I still love it and can't even imagine what I am going to do once Kobe is at school. I'm looking forward to it just being the two of us hanging out together everyday. I love school holidays with us all home together, but I also love it when the routine goes back to normal again.


  1. Ok, the water pictures look awesome as!!! Kobe looks so cheeky, Harri is cute! And i am sooooooooo sad about your camera!!!!!! ='( Just think, not long and it will be all fixed and good as new =)

  2. o sad about your Camera. It's funny how something like a camera can make us feel lost! Hopefully good old NIKON get on top of things FAST for you!!!

  3. I can see Jalen as a rock star with Harri as his comedy warm-up act!

    I hope your camera is fixed soon otherwise we'll have to appeal to the public for donations!

  4. I love your "if you can't change it, don't dwell on it motto". Just what I needed to hear. We just found out today that we're stuck with afternoon church probably until we leave Georgia. Not a major problem, but not fun when you have little kids and we've only had about 6 months of morning church since Sam was born... so almost 5 years... I guess I'd better learn to love going in the afternoon!

  5. Quick while the IE is working on blogs I had better leave a comment - nothing profound tho, just that that is an awesome attitude!!! Kinda makes you relook at things we moan and groan about - like this poltergeist of a computer!!! If I was more computer literate I would be able to change the darn thing!!! ;)


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