Friday, 29 January 2010

Bingbong Bay and Sand Dunes

We finally got to Binalong Bay just as we felt it was almost time to come back home. Every time we go there we are amazed at how beautiful it is and can't believe that it is so close to our home and in Tasmania. Harri still called it 'Bingbong Bay' and Jalen still called it 'Bilabong Bay'.

Noah had another sleepy day and was happy to sleep in the sun tent. Every now and then he would open his eyes up a little to see what was going on and then go back off to sleep.

We weren't sure whether Kobe was going to love or hate the beach again. He was very excited when he saw it and kept pointing to the beach like he wanted to go there, but once we get there he wasn't so sure. We were definitely getting there as he would actually sit on the sand on his own.

But then every now and then he would remember that he didn't like it and would start grizzling.

The day went between Kobe loving it and not being so keen. As long as we kept him distracted he was okay.

The boys were VERY excited to see that the sea now met up with the lagoon. Every other time we had been there there was a lagoon back behind the beach which was warm but not that nice to play in as the water was still and a big yucky. Whenever the tide comes in now it goes up to the lagoon and as it goes back out the water runs back out of the lagoon and makes a little creek back to the ocean. The water runs quite fast through it and has some deeper spots to play in.

The water in it was so nice and warm and you could stay playing in there for ages.

Kobe really loved playing in there as long as he was on the rocks.

As soon as his feet touched the wet sand though, he would start freaking out.

The boys played in the lagoon for ages, walking back up to the top and then racing each other back down on their boogie boards.

Aaron and I gave it ago, but unfortunately it was too shallow for us to get very far without our bathers filling up with sand.

Jay and I went for a little walk along the beach together.

He cracks me up as you don't see many kids dancing along the beach, singing to themselves.

It was hard to drag ourselves away from such a beautiful place, but thought we should eventually get going back to the shack.

It was such a nice afternoon, so when we got back to the shack we decided to go back down to the bay to try to fly a stunt kite that Mum bought the boys for Christmas. Harri was an awesome launcher.

We just started to get the hang of it...

...when Aaron crashed it (it crashed many times before this but survived) and a piece flew off which meant it didn't fly so well anymore :(

This is Kobe's 'oh no!!' face. Whenever something goes wrong he puts his hand on his head and goes 'oh no!'.

After tea we put Kobe to bed and left Aaron happily at 'home' with Noah reading and watching the never ending tennis and cricket.

The boys were very keen to go to the sand dunes before it got too dark.

It was actually a really nice time to go as it wasn't too hot and it was just as the sun was about to set and the moon was up.

The boys had lots of fun rolling down the dunes, but Harri came back a bit worse for wear!

Harri loved the dunes and kept saying 'this is like on episode 4 on Star Wars!!!' ( I have no clue, but supposedly there is a scene with lots of sand). The boys then broke out in an all out light saber fight on the dunes.

I think we took half the dunes back to the shack with us in our pockets!


  1. You are blogging too fast!!!! I can barely keep up =P
    Binalong bay looks so shallow compared to when we were there.
    Looks like you guys enjoyed a nice time away =)

  2. ohhh how blissful is that. I did a wedding shoot on Sat on the beach and the groom hated dry sand, it freaked him out.... lets hope Kobe grows out of the sand fear! he he. Water looks so gorgeous. I need to go to Bingbong Bay!

  3. I love that photo of Kobe looking towards the water - the clouds are amazing!

  4. There are 2 photos here that I absolutely positevely adore Lisa. You MUST photoshop and frame them once I give you lessons!! My favourite is the one of Jalen sitting alone on the sand (3rd last one), and I also love the one of Kobe from behind. The photo of Harri with sand all over his face is really adorable and frameworthy once we edit the spit out!!!
    Hahahaha - that comment Chelsea made about 'Bingbong Bay'. That girl cracks me up!!!!

  5. Hi lisa - you don't know me but I check your blog out from Blanches blog list :)

    I think we may have been at Binalong Bay nearly the same time as you guys!!

    great pics...amazing place hey



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