Saturday, 23 January 2010

Just like his brother

Noah's day is full of routine. We are constantly watching the clock for the next feed, the next meds or for when it's time to give the next treatment. Every morning and night Noah has two sets of puffers and then two nebs - one to help clear his lungs and one is a long term antibiotic. After his first puffer and neb we have to give him postural drainage (lots of 'bashing on his back and chest) to try to clear his lungs of the build up of mucous before his next set of nebs. so that the antibiotic goes to his lungs, rather than just sitting on the mucous buildup.

After our last trip to hospital for pneumonia I was talking to the respiratory physio therapist and asked her about getting some percussion cups which another parent had told me about. We have been doing postural drainage just using our hands which can be hard work, but it is so much easier now we have the percussion cups.

This morning Noah was having one of his nebs and I looked over and saw Kobe pick up the percussion cups and start giving him postural drainage with them! It was so cute and reminded me of Harri at the same age who used to just go over to Noah and start giving him massages, as he used to see us do it all the time.


  1. so cute, such a sweet brother.
    wow Lisa, Noah looks so big.

  2. I am my brothers keeper too mum...
    love it...
    Noah is growing so big now ...i really noticed it this week especially...

  3. It is great to find good help these days.
    I'm glad you got the A.C. for Noah this year.
    Love Mum.

  4. What a wonderful brothers. Your boys certainly love each other. hopefully it continues through their teenage years :-)

  5. How cute! Alex has the same overalls that Kobe is wearing.

  6. What lovely, caring boys you have, although Harri looks like he's about to give Noah a huge thump on the back in one photo!


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