Sunday, 24 January 2010

Lincoln's Day

Today we went to church in Devonport for Lincoln's baby blessing. It was lovely to be a part of it and to have most of the family there for it. We missed you Chrish, but know you were with us in spirit :)

We didn't get any whole family photos after church but were lucky enough to have Fiona take some photos for us after church of just our family. Who would've thought this was under the tree outside the chapel! We absolutely love this photo and are amazed we were all looking at the camera at once!

After church we headed off to Nicki and Alex's house for lunch. Noah wasn't too excited about the lunch and snoozed most of the day away as usual.

Alex's family were also there and it was lovely to catch up with Georgina who had driven down from Sydney. Gina is another amazing photographer and especially takes beautiful photos of newborn babies, so I know she will take some beautiful ones of Lincoln.

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We attempted a whole group photo after lunch but you will have to wait to see the finished product once I get a copy from Georgina as I don't have my camera and was using Mum's and didn't get any good shots.

Alex's other sister Bec is pregnant with her first baby and due in March.

It's nice seeing new babies, but I'm so glad it's not me going through all of that again! :)


  1. The family photo is awesome. Fiona is so talented. Lincoln is gorgeous. Wow Bec is all grown up, gorgeous and pregnant.I still remember her as the lovely little girl I taught in primary for a short time while living in Hobart studying at uni.

  2. I love that first shot Lisa!!! Fiona is magic :) Glad Lincoln had a beautiful; day, how's Nikki?

    Carli xx.

  3. Nicki is really good Carli. She is so relaxed as a Mum. You wouldn't know she has a newborn. She's probably exhausted, but you wouldn't know it.
    oh and Fiona IS magic :)

  4. Bec was always cute, but even more so when pregnant! Looking forward to more group photos.

  5. NICE Family Pic there all look so good...

    special day for everyone all round i think..

    we need more baby blessings I reckon...

  6. I just LOVE the family photo! Fiona is sooo talented!!!!!! She IS magic hey. I felt very privileged to be there for the baby blessing.. This is Makayla, blogger is being stupid again xx


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