Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Bike Centre Fun

The 'Bike Centre' is such a great place for families and this week I have been there twice already. Yesterday we went as a family as part of the school holiday program with Family Based Care. We were lucky to have another beautiful day and there were only four families there which was nice.

Aaron being the big kid that he is, decided to race one of the other boys that was there. He asked the boy if he wanted a head start and he said 'no, do you!?' thinking Aaron needed it (since he IS an old man!). Aaron JUST pipped him at the post.

Tonight we went again and met up with the Binghams, Horsmans, Rowlings and Triffitts.

The kids had a great time playing together.

It was so nice to catch up with Penny and Chris again before they head back home to the USA on Friday. Of course there is no better way to finish off a great 5 weeks back home in Australia, than with an Aussie BBQ. The men of course took over the cooking duties for the night.

It's so cute hearing Penny's kids American accents. Sam was funny waiting at the traffic lights saying 'they are REAL traffic lights!!!'. He was so excited about it and wouldn't walk across the road until the green 'walk' signal lit up.

I wanted to attempt a group shot of all the kids, but knew it was going to be difficult. I decided to get them all to lay down instead. They surprised me and lay down very still for ages! That was except for Kobe and Jonty. They had other plans.

Tammy went to take a photo of Penny's kids and told Ella to say 'cheeeese'. Ella said to her that her Mum says to say 'banana milkshake' or something along those lines as Penny was telling us she read in a magazine that they have a nicer looking mouth in photos when they say that. I was cracking up at them as they all tried to pull nice faces for the photos. I got them to say 'Australia' and 'smelly socks' to which we got some funny faces.

It was great to catch up with the Binghams once again before they fly home. Hopefully it will only be a couple of years before they are able to come back over again.

Tomorrow I will be going back again to the bike centre for work. It's such a great place to enjoy our summer holidays.


  1. I was about to say, Jac is going to kill you but I might get there first. I look HUGE!! I will definitely see you at the gym tomorrow. :)

  2. oh i love the second shot of Kobe..i immediately thought of a very cute little brown mushroom...must be the very sensible sunwise hat!!!
    it will be hard for everyone to say goodbye to Penny..time flies so fast on trips home to family and friends.....

  3. Jacquie can't kill me - she poked her tongue out at me as soon as she saw the camera so it's her own fault, and you look great Simone!

  4. I love the Bike Centre it is an awesome place!

  5. The bike centre is cool! great pics of the kids...what a good looking bunch!

  6. Next time we go there, I am going to learn how to ride a damn bike!!!
    Love Mum.

  7. Lorraine- you dont know how to ride a bike!??
    That place is lots of fun! Love the pics looking down onto the kiddies =)


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