Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Riding and Playing

Yesterday we thought it would be a good opportunity to take Jay and Harri for a bike ride while Noah had In Home Support. I can't bear to not take photos, so the 'dodgy' camera came along while my good camera has been sent off to the Nikon service centre :(

We thought it would be nice to go for a ride down at the seaport.

Harri thought it was great until he thought he spotted a shark!

Kobe loved walking along the river, watching all the boats as they went by.

Kylie had mentioned the new play equipment at Royal Park on her blog a while back and we were excited to finally check it out. It's more of a playground for older kids and teenagers with lots of great exercise equipment.

I of course was putting this face on for the camera. It was really easy for a gym junkie like me ;)

The funniest thing was Jalen was trying to pull himself up some of the poles. I was giving him tips on how to do it and he just couldn't get himself up.

Aaron then came along and said he would show Jay how to do it and gives it a go.

He decided it was much harder than it looks and says about his fail attempt of climbing up.. 'it's supposed to be for young people'.

On the way back to the car we thought we'd check out the skate park. The boys had never noticed it before even though we drive past it all the time.

Harri was VERY impressed saying 'awesoooooome'!! as he saw all the kids doing their tricks on their bikes and skateboards. Harri asked if he could go in the half pipe with his bike and do some tricks! He obviously thinks that it looks very easy.

I don't think it would be somewhere I would want them to be hanging out with the interesting kids we saw there, but at least they are keeping active I guess :) This is the boys 'tough' pose with the graffiti. I'm glad it's as tough as they get for now. I've been working with some interesting kids at work the last couple of weeks and realise how lucky I am to have the boys that I do.


  1. Being outside looks so fun...looking forward to Spring arriving here!

  2. Hattie thought that was a shark too when she saw it a few weeks ago!! Funny!

  3. we love to take a walk along that boardwalk ...we take Beattie the dog too..vey social for dogs i might add.... have you found the Vahalla icecreams at the fish and chip shop at the end...Hattie was so sad that it wasnt open when we went but then it was sunday i think or was it Christmas day??/ O oh...memeory is going..bad sign..and it is short term too ....even worse...

  4. Um can I say that you take better photos with the old snapper, than I do with the SLR, see it is not "the camera"!!!

  5. ha ha - thanks Simone. I'm HATING the camera right now, but trying not to dwell on something that I can't change but the Nikon people can :)

  6. Wow your photo skills are actually surprisingly impressive with that little camera!!
    Looks like a nice walk =)


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