Friday, 8 January 2010

A 'funny' seizure

Noah has numerous seizures every day despite being on three anti-convulsants. Because of his lack of cortex the medications don't work very well, as they are supposed to work on different parts of his brain that are missing .

Some of the seizures are longer and stronger than others, and other seizures we don't mind seeing. I was playing around with our video camera tonight and came across this footage that I took a couple of months ago of Noah having a partial seizure while he was asleep. Often he will do these in the middle of the night and Aaron and I will hear him giggling away. I just that these were the only type of seizures he has.

The breathing he is doing is partly the seizure and partly his 'normal' breathing that he does because of his enlarged nasal passages and adenoids,and floppy tongue and throat. Once we change his position it usually settles down.


  1. That is priceless. Far out his smile is so cheeky!!! I love him to bits

  2. Oh, he's a funny boy. :) Cheeky monkey, even in his sleep!

  3. Lisa he reminds me so much of Junior in this video. That same noisy breathing during sleep and Junior gets the giggles while he sleeps(though not seizures).

    so cute

  4. Let's hope he gets more of these and less of the other!

  5. Oh, Pooh Bear, It has been a long time since I have seen that smile.
    Love you lots.
    Love Grandma.

  6. i was just loving the smiling face.......he must have been having a good time wherever he was...
    that is extra special that you captured it on video..(have you played it back to Noah???)


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