Sunday, 15 March 2009

Harri the Masseur

I have been preparing a powerpoint presentation all afternoon about Noah for something I am doing tomorrow at Kings Meadows High School. While searching for photos for it, I found these funny photos of Noah and Harri. Harri must have been about 18 months or so. One day I walked into the lounge room and found him like this with Noah.

He was giving him a massage! It was so cute. He obviously watched us all the time and decided Noah needed a massage!

He actually looks very professional. Doesn't he look like Kobe!?


  1. Tell Harri I'll be around for a massage soon! I didn't think he looked like Kobe, but you can tell it's Harri - looks the same just younger.

    Goodluck with all those teenagers tomorrow!

  2. so funny, Harri really looks like he knows what he is doing.

  3. He looks a bit like Kobe but you can def tell its Harri all over. It's the cute chubby cheeks that remind me of Kobe.

  4. Too cute!

    You can definitely tell that Harri and Kobe are brothers!

    Good luck with your presentation! :D

  5. That's a crack up!!! Noah looks like he is really enjoying it too!!!

  6. How amazing is that ..just shows that kids are the biggest mimickers...gotta watch what you do and say in front of them... better be all good hey!!!!


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