Thursday, 21 January 2010

Cows, Rockets, Babies and Sleepovers

Last Tuesday while I was at YW camp I got a phone call from Alex who was very excited to tell me Nicki had just had their baby boy - Lincoln Charles. Yesterday we finally had a day free where we could go and visit Nicki and their new little man.

Di was going to be doing In Home Support for most of the day which worked well as Noah hasn't been great this week. We thought it would be better to take a quick drive up there without him as we knew he would be a lot happier at home, having lots of massages and physio and being well looked after.

Every time we drive past Ashgrove Cheese we always say we should stop there and also the Anvers Chocolate Factory at Latrobe.

We didn't have time to do both, so decided that we should stop at Ashgrove we heard they had a great new employee. Tayla was VERY excited to see us ;)

Jay loved trying out all the cheeses although his favourite was the good old plain cheddar!

We couldn't leave without getting an icecream and taking some photos with the funky looking cows.

The boys have always wanted to go to the space age playground at Ulverstone and were so excited to have a play there before we went to visit Nicki and Lincoln.

They were so excited to finally go and climb the big rocket - or Jay and Aaron were! Harri decided it looked way to scary and stayed down on safe ground with me.

They were very excited to see the long slide as well, but disappointed that it wasn't actually slippery at all. They ended up running down it as they couldn't actually slide.

Aaron and I took some goofy photos together. The weather wasn't great and we were just about getting blown away!

We were excited to finally get to Nicki and Alex's new house. They moved house while Nicki was in labour last week, and now have a new house and a new baby! Lincoln is very cute.

The boys were excited to meet their new cousin.

Nicki is such a good Mum, and so relaxed and laid back. I think Lincoln was very pleased with his present from us - a Hawthorn top :)

Aaron is funny around little babies. He loves to hold them and gets quite clucky, but it's now nice to hear him say that they are lovely but he is glad we are done! :)

According to Nicki's dates Lincoln was overdue, but according to Nicki's scans he was early. Just looking at his peeling feet I think Nicki's dates were more accurate. Aren't they cute!

Maddie and Alex are also excited to have a little brother.

The boys had wanted to have a sleepover at Mum and Dad's during the holidays and it seems like the holidays have just gone so fast and we were running out of time to do it. We arranged with Mum for us to drop the boys off at their house on the way back home and for us to take Maddie to Mum and Dad's as well. She was so excited to have a sleepover with Jay and Harri.

Mum was very brave and also had Kelsea come and stay for the night and was going to sleep with all of them in the tent! Aaron and I have had such a lovely quiet day today with just Noah and Kobe. Harri rang not long ago and told me he was having lots of fun, but was missing us. Surprisingly Harri had been 'excellent' (according to Mum) and he was happy to let me know about it!

As we were about to leave Dad pulled out an old bike from the shed for Jalen to use. He was so excited to see it and asked Mum if they could clean it up a bit before he road it. I have no idea where he got it from but he said 'I'm gonna pimp my ride!'. Last night I was out but Aaron said Jay rang up to tell him that Mum had taken him to buy some spray paint and stickers to do up the bike and he was very excited about it.

Hopefully Mum will last another night with the boys as we are loving having a bit more quiet time together and I know the boys are having lots of fun at Grandma and Grandpa's.


  1. Lisa!! Not cool! I look Asian :P
    Aww, Lincoln is gorgeous!!

  2. Tayla you look gorgeous!

    Lincoln is so cute and really alert!! Nicki is looking great; I can't believe they moved whilst she was in labour. Wonder woman Nicki!

  3. Lincoln is adorable - you are really learning how to work that ol' "point and shoot"!!!!

    Wow - your Mum IS very brave! How did the tent go?

  4. Finally some pictures :) Looks like you guys had a nice day

  5. I believe the girls caused a bit of trouble in the tent, but the boys were great and there wasn't much sleep :)
    Tonight it's just Mum and the boys, so hopefully they will get some more sleep.

    This is Lisa - not YW :)

  6. 1. A massive HAHA at Tayla- folding all those boxes looks like fun! =P 2. Lincoln is cute.
    3. What are you on about with the camera? You're photos still look awesome!!
    4. Where are your children when you are climbing rockets with Aaron coz i see an empty pram? =P
    5. Wow Lorraine and Nick are either brave or crazy.
    6. And WOW you are looking crazy skinny!
    Ok that's all i have to say =)

    This is Makayla by the way- blogger is having one of those stupid days!!!

  7. oh the photo of Aaron and I isn't actually in the rocket - it's in something else and Kobe was up there with us.

    Makayla you are just too nice to me :)

  8. Interesting post. I wondered what Ashgrove was like inside. I drive past there, but I've never gone in. The cows are a fun touch.

  9. Wow- What a gorgeous baby you saw! Even a non-SLR captures him.

    The last time I went on that slide it was really slippery. It was about 6 weeks ago and I had Maddi on my lap and we went down so fast that I slid on the grass and got grass burn! Next time you come up I'll show the boys how to get some speed down it. I hope the boys came home exhausted so you can get some rest and get over your gastro.

  10. What a beautiful little baby - so hard to believe he was in Nicki's tummy not that long ago! What a brave Grandma too!!!!


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