Monday, 4 January 2010

Chloe's Big Day

On Saturday we had a lovely afternoon with Sam and Clare and their families, celebrating Chloe's 1st birthday. I can't believe how fast that year has gone. I always remember how exciting and special our boys first birthday were, so it was nice to share it with Chloe and her family.

It was a lovely day to sit outside on the new deck built by Sam (with a little help from Uncle Jim I hear! ;)

The kids had lots of fun eating and playing together. Harri and Callum went exploring in the backyard and found lots of 'dinosaur bones' as they called them!

I don't think Chloe really knew what was going on, but she also had lots of fun eating and lapping up all the attention.

She is a very loved little girl. It was nice to see Brad and Steph who were over from Victoria and to spend some time with Jade before she left to go work in the USA for a year. When Jalen heard she was going to be working at Disneyworld he was very jealous. She told him he would just have to come over to visit her. We wish we could Jade! We hope you enjoy your exciting year away.

Jalen cracked us up as Steph had taken her wide belt off and left it on the couch. He picked it up and goes 'Santa left his belt here!!!', in a very excited voice. Clare and I cracked up laughing and not long afterwards Clare came out cracking up saying that Jay found the tag on it and goes 'oh no - it's not Santa's belt. It's a size S-M and he would be a large, and it also says 'made in China' and Santa makes his own things'. Good thinking Jay! :)

Thank you for the lovely afternoon Sam and Clare and for letting us share Chloe's special birthday with you.


  1. It was a fantastic party wasn't it! I can't believe Chloe is one where has the year gone?!

  2. Man i had sooo much to catch up on now that i am back!!
    First- LOVE the new header
    Second- Harri is quite the photogropher!
    Third- So surprising that Kobe hates the beach as he loves water!
    Fourth- Go and eat some chocolate or something you are looking REALLY skinny!

  3. Hi Mak - welcome home! :)
    As for your fourth point - trust me - I AM eating LOTS of chocolate. Aaron was laughing at me the other day as I was getting into the junk food and I told him I had to clear out the cupboard of all the Christmas goodies and then after that I can be good again :) I was just helping the family out by getting rid of it all!!

  4. i so wanted to be there.... i was in Bicheno and missed it...looks like you all still had fun without me though..BBBooo HHHOOOO.
    the little Princess sure looked like she was basking in the moment too..
    Happy Birthday Princess..hugs and kisses from Nettie and Kelv.

  5. wow, what a cool little party. the cake is awesome. I forget Chloe is so close in age to meg. I love how she sucks her thumb :)
    you took some great photos of them all lisa.


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