Sunday, 27 September 2009

66 Years

Today we headed out to church at Deloraine and then went up to Grenoch to celebrate Nan and Pop's 66th wedding anniversary with them (notice Simone's Pycsam water bottle - good product placement there - even though I didn't notice it till I uploaded my photos!).

Pop is in hospital at the moment, so Uncle Wally brought him down for a family BBQ. Nan looked SO well!! I was actually quite shocked as we hadn't seen them for a while and she was very bright and happy and knew exactly what was going on.

Pop on the other hand looks so frail and old. It breaks my heart to see him like it. Seeing them like this is a big contrast to this time last year when they were both quite well.

It was nice to be together with a lot of the extended family. It's not often that we are able to get together anymore.

I still find it hard to believe that 'little' Emily is married! I'm getting so old. I used to be their nanny in the USA and she was sooo cute when I worked for them - she would've been about 2 or 3 and was the cutest little girl - still is!

The boys had a great time talking about the big upcoming 'stake of origin' footy match that is on this Saturday between the guys from church - the Devonport/Deloraine/Burnie Saints V the Launceston Demons. Aaron is umpiring again this year and everyone is hanging out for a bit of a laugh.

No family gathering is complete without Uncle Tom and his guitar. The most amazing thing is that since Nan had her stroke she can't talk, BUT today she was actually singing!!!! She sang I am a Child of God and also 'For They Are Jolly Good Fellows' when we all sang! It was amazing to watch. Auntie Ann stirred her and said she should start singing everything and demonstrated how to sing 'Hello Ty!' and Nan actually tried to do it and started laughing!

Noah had one of his VERY sleepy days today and slept right through everything.

It's so cute seeing all the great grandchildren together.

Pop made a little speech before heading back off to hospital. He said how it should be a happy time for them, but for him it was a very emotional time. He finds it very hard not being able to do the things that he used to still - working on the farm, working in the garden, driving and walking around on his own etc.

Nan enjoyed a bit of time out in the sun before we all left. It was the perfect opportunity for some nice photos.

I hate photos of myself and Toni said she wanted to get one of Nan and I together, so I told her she could take one if Aaron and Jalen got in the photo with us. They stood behind me and I smiled away, while Toni said 'that was a good one Jay' and I looked on the camera to check out the photo and Aaron and Jay had taken off and left me on my own!!!!

I love these photos. Nan loves having her grand kids and great grandchildren around and always loves a kiss.

I'm so glad we got to celebrate another wedding anniversary with them. Every year we aren't sure whether we will have them around for the next one and they always surprise us.


  1. Such a beautiful post Lisa. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Time with extended family is so precious.

  2. you look hot in that photo of you and nan!

  3. Whatever Tone!!! I WAS hot because of the sun! ;) Can't believe you did that to me.

  4. Ha ha that Pycsam bottle... I left it behind!!!! Grenoch said they couldn't find it either. I haven't even used it yet at the gym!!!!

    It was a lovely afternoon. When we left, what about 4pm, Jonty fell asleep and slept until midnight. Big day for everyone.

  5. I want to be like that...bring on the next 25years....HOOORAY for Harry and Sheila

    What a wonderful legacy for you all to follow...Wonderful memorable days....

  6. 66 years wow!!
    I love Harry & Sheila, they are such an inspiration! =)

  7. Looks like you all had a beautiful day.. PS we love your photo with Nan.. how funny are your boys...

  8. Such a wonderful big family. Great piccies Lisa.. And I dunno what you are talking about not liking pics of yourself, you are gorgeous..

  9. Wish we could have been there!


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