Thursday, 24 September 2009

Swimming Lessons

Having a baby really changes everything in your family for a while. Before Kobe was born Harri was having regular swimming lessons every week. I had to get in the pool with him, so I knew that when Kobe was born we wouldn't be able to do them anymore as it was going to be too hard having a newborn, and trying to work out how I would do it all. Now that my 'newborn' is almost 16 months I started feeling bad that Harri hadn't had swimming lessons for so long.

Supposedly we have shares in the Aquatic Centre (or so Collette thinks!) so we knew the perfect place to do swimming lessons was there - especially as it means Harri can have a swim in the bucket pool before and after his lesson, I can also go for a free swim at the same time, and if he is sick we can get back the amount of his swimming lesson to put towards a family swim.

The best thing is that now he is 5 we don't have to get in the pool with him. He was very excited about his first lesson. There were only 4 in his group (hopefully it will stay that way), and he had two teachers which is great.

Sometimes it's so hard to feel like you are doing something with all the boys individually, so I'm glad he is back having swimming lessons again. Hopefully by the end of term he will have learnt a lot of skills to get him ready for lots of swimming in summer!


  1. What a little waterdog just like me! I LOVE the pool!

    Glad he's getting to do something fun just for him.

    Your kiddos are just so squeezy cute!

    Trina and Jophie


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