Wednesday, 30 September 2009

School Photo Day

I've decided that taking school photos must be the job to have. The prices they charge for school photos is insane and more often than not we end up with a terrible photo of the boys posing with this fake, horrible smile on their face. This year we have three boys to get school photos taken of with Harri being in Kinder. Luckily the third child in the family gets a discount with their photos being half price.

This year I made a decision to not waste my money and pay for Noah to have an individual photo taken. At first I felt really bad about it, but I would much prefer to just get a photo of him with his class. Every photo that we have of Noah taken at school looks so awful. They always get him looking totally dopey, and last year they were so bad I didn't even give any out to anyone in the family!

Today wasn't actually Noah's day at Punchbowl, but I took him up to have his photo taken with his class. We had to wait for half an hour, so we did his usual routine while he is at school and gave him his neb while his class were out at daily P.E.

Jalen was walking past and spotted us in the classroom. I told him I caught him wagging class, but he insists he was just on the way to the loo.

The best thing ever was that Noah was actually awake for his class photo!!! He has been really sleepy lately. I think it's because he is having so many seizures every day again and is a bit postictal, so I was expecting him to be asleep like he was in last years class photo.

It's amazing how different things can be when you have a child with a disability. You aren't hoping that their hair looks good in the photo or that they smile nicely. You are happy just to have a photo of them awake!


  1. How lovely that he was awake! Those school photo prices are so exorbitant.

  2. That's awesome Noah was awake, and Jalen was SO wagging class, the loo thing used to be my excuse! ;)

  3. Happy to see Noah awake for his photo. He is getting so big

  4. I used to take the 'hall pass' and get out of piano class for about 15 minutes every day when I was in high school. I was 'going to the toilet' too. ;)

    Noah probably thinks it's funny to look asleep in photos.

    I'm glad he was awake for the class photo, though. That's great!

    And a really nice photo of Jay and Noah, too. :)

  5. I know what you mean Lisa. I sometimes think that it would be nice to get a good photo of Newstead kids all together. Maybe they should get you in to take a class picture the Punchbowl one looks great. Noah is looking very awake which is great to see!

  6. Noah is a little champion. Im like him, ill fall asleep anywhere when im tired.

  7. when i was sorting out Chels and Sarah's school photos for the book i did for Sarah for her 30th...i reflected on how things have think that they have the best hairstyles for your kids and that they look just gorgeous in your eyes...they look at those pics and say "how could you send me to school looking like that Mum??"
    as if i was the only parent with radical ideas and styles...but those styles were "the norm" for that era...
    your lucky you have boys Lisa styles dont change much with hirstyles for them really...oh but wait i am remembering "the mullet" ...oh well perhps the spike will be the new mullet????

  8. I have just spent $64 on two sets of photos - mainly to get the group photo, but also some to send to rellies interstate and overseas. If it wasn't for the group photo I would seriously consider not getting them! You should start your own school photo business Lisa.


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