Sunday, 20 September 2009

Youth Recognition Dinner

Last night I was lucky enough to be a special guest at the Launceston East Ward youth recognition dinner at church. The night was planned by their leaders to recognise all the things they have achieved throughout the year. Both the Young Men and Young Women have a program which encourages them to set goals and when they turn 18 they are given a special award for all of their achievements. The leaders thought it would be nice to recognise all their efforts at the end of each year as it is a long time to wait for 6 years to receive something for all their hard work, and to celebrate with a special dinner for them, their parents and the leaders.

The youth had set up the hall with displays of all their achievements and things they have done throughout the year.

Aaron was again the MC for the night. We were saying all night that we needed to take the mic away from him as he kept getting up there cracking corny jokes all night.

Annette and her troops did a great job in organising a beautiful three course meal for the night.

Throughout the night there were short talks by a couple of leaders and a couple of youth.

The youth were each given a certificate with how many goals they had achieved throughout the year.

The Young Women also received a beautiful necklace and the Young Men each got a tie pin.

For some fun Kym taught the youth a line dance during the week and they then got up and taught their parents. It was hilarious to watch.

The night finished off with the youth and leaders singing 'Come Hold Your Torches High' and then an awesome slideshow by Kym of their recent trip to Sydney.

It was a really lovely night and a really nice way to recognise the youth and everything they have done this year.


  1. what a wonderful activity. We have such an awesome bunch of youth and leaders in this state. Looks like a great night.

  2. You guys always have such great activities. The slideshow is a great way to capture such an unforgettable trip. What a great idea.

  3. i think that our youth are the best and more.... the DVD was fantastic of the Temple Trip... so proud of them....when i see my little Allie up there in YW's i feel so old...
    i taught her in primary...Yeeekss

  4. Thats awesome! what a great idea...yep definitely stealing that one! haha


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