Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Early last Friday morning I got a text message. I was in bed and wondered who would be texting that early. When Aaron grabbed the phone we were excited to see it was from Anna, and she was letting us know that she had just given birth to a little baby girl - Imogen. I was so excited for her as she was only a day overdue and I know how she wasn't looking forward to going overdue again.

On Saturday Kobe, Mum and I went up to visit Anna and Imogen in hospital. Imogen is so cute and chubby.

Anna looked great, but wasn't keen on getting her photo taken. I don't blame her as I remember how yuck you feel after just giving birth and I now hate looking back on photos just after having a baby. I did get a photo of her holding Imogen's hand though - I love these photos that show just how tiny they are when they are newborn.

Kobe wasn't too fussed by it all - he would have a look at her and that was it. We did get him sitting still enough for a quick photo, but Imogen wasn't too keen then :) We were trying to work out what relationship Kobe and Imogen are and we think it is third cousins. It's so nice to have cousins who are having babies around the same age as my boys. I remember how fun it was growing up with lots of cousins and 2nd cousins and hope that my boys have the same experience growing up.


  1. I also love that my kids will have heaps of cousins and 2nd cousins around them growing up.

  2. Hope the don't become "kissing cousins' lol
    Love Mum

  3. awww such a sweet baby, love the picture of her with Kobe, he doesn't look at all bothered by her screaming.

  4. I love Kobe's face in this pic. He looks so angelic next to a not so happy Imogen.

  5. Oh she is so cute! I want to meet her!! Kobe looks so grown up holding her!!!

  6. great news...Congratulations Anna ...only one day that is great...she will be one of those girls that wont keep the guys waiting too long while she is getting dressed for the dates then...mmmmmm perhaps that is a bit far ahead!!!! after all she has just been born.


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