Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Sick Boys

Earlier last week Kobe was very grumpy - all the time. He had a cold and I figured he just didn't feel well. He seems to be constantly teething as well, so I just put it down to a cold and teeth. On Thursday morning he woke up VERY hot and screaming his head off. We got him up and he looked terrible.

I knew straight away he had a fever and pulled out the themometer - check it out - 39.1!

Our GP saw him straight away and I couldn't believe it but he had tonsilitis as well as conjunctivitis!! Poor little man - no wonder he was so miserable. I was stressing about leaving him while I went to convention - not because Aaron isn't good with him, but because I know you always want your Mum when you are sick.

He is starting to feel better just the last day or two, but now Noah seems to be coming down with something as well. Just as I thought we had escaped it all!!!


  1. Poor Kobe, he looks so miserable in the first photo. Hope Noah feels better soon.

  2. All well people for when I come stay please :)

    Hope they feel better soon

  3. oh no he looks SO miserable!
    poor little man, hope they are all starting to pick up now

  4. Poor baby Kobe...and now Noah...hoping that they recover really soon....
    My neighbors have been the same..they have just been tested for swine flu...hope that it is not that...

  5. Oh poor Kobe. Hope he is better soon and that Noah manages to avoid it! For the last two years Patrick and Lauren have been sick at this time of year...so far so good!

  6. Hasn't it been a terrible year for sickness.
    I hate seeing Kobe so miserable.
    Hope he and Noah are doing better soon.
    Love Mum.

  7. ohhhh poor little Kobe, he looks so miserable... 39.1 WOW!
    Hope the sun starts shining a bit more in Tas and guys get over all the sickness x

  8. Just in time for school holidays!
    xxxxxx here are some web kisses to kiss them better (I wish it worked like that :)
    Hope they are both feeling better soon.

  9. poor little guys. he looks so miserable. I hope he is feeling better soon!

  10. ohhh man, every time I open your blog and see this I feel so sad for little Kobe. Please tell me he is better!!!!! Hattie has a horrid cough right now but luckily we havent had temperature girls for a while now.


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