Thursday, 10 September 2009

9 days left to vote!

Tonight I took the two boys (I always laugh at myself when I call them the 'two boys' as I have four so I could be talking about any of them, but whenever it's the 'two boys' I mean Jay and Harri) to Meadow Mews to check out Kobe's photo in the smile competition.

Jay knew about it but Harri had no clue, even though I had told him about it. When he spotted the photo of Kobe he yelled 'oh my goodness!!!' and kept pointing to Kobe and couldn't believe it was there.

If you haven't voted already it still isn't too late. You can either vote at Meadow Mews by filling out a form (or a few!) that you can get from any retailer in the centre and dropping it in the box, or online at

There are 9 days left to vote and you could win a $5000 shopping spree just by voting. There are some stiff competition including Kylie's awesome pic of her cat, but I do think that the pic above Kobe's may win, as it's a great photo and actually looks professional and has obviously been photoshopped etc.

Hopefully Kobe's smile will bring a few smiles to people's faces and he will get a few votes.


  1. I love the photo of your little boy and voted for it online for you! Best wishes


  2. All the best Lisa you and Kobster deserve to win!

  3. Hey, can u vote more than once?If so duh to me, I will get back in there and fill out hundreds!!

  4. you can only vote once online, but as many times as you want in the centre :)

    I love you.
    I will see you at The Aquatic Centre.
    Hope you have a really great day.
    Love Grandma.

  6. I thought the same about the photo above yours- I have also seen it online some where else before! There is another one that is definitely by a professional as I've seen some of her other work. I do think Kobe is the cutest though - although I might be a bit biased!


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