Friday, 18 September 2009

Monochord Table

Yesterday as part of the school holiday program with Family Based Care, Noah got to have a session on a monochord table. It is often called a 'sound bed' and has lots of strings underneath it which are played by a music therapist who also does 'toning' along with it - she sings the same tone as she is playing. I had seen it before with some other clients for work, and was interested to see how Noah would go on it.

The therapist who does it just got back from a 5 day seminar in the US and was very excited to tell me me how it is often used in psychotherapy and has helped people with a lot of things, not just for relaxation.

Noah really seemed to like it. At first he was sleepy as he hadn't really woken up properly yet, but after about ten minutes his eyes became very alert and aware and he seemed really relaxed. I guess you could describe it as sounding like a harp, but while you are lying on the bed you can feel all the different vibrations it makes, right through your body.

Noah had about 45 minutes on it and even I was feeling very relaxed just being in the same room as it! I also had a short go and was amazed as to how fast it made me feel totally relaxed.

I was thinking how great it would be for Noah's school to have one for all the kids to use every day. It's a pity they cost so much to make or buy.


  1. Sounds like something I would love to happen to me. I am heading off to have a long hot spa bath with epsom salts and a good read of the newspaper.
    It always end up getting soggy and falling in to the water.
    Love Mum.

  2. I've never heard of that kind of therapy but it looks very intriguing. I think would like to be a therapist - is it like playing a harp? I'm glad Noah liked it.

  3. I bet things like that would work wonders. Music and vibrations - it seems so in sync and natural with the human body.

  4. I have a friend who had tone therapy to help her work through some relationship 'issues'. She swears by it.

  5. I've never seen anything like it - what a fantastic idea. I hope Noah sleeps well after that.

  6. That "sounds" so new but when you think about it music has a big impact on the body - try to do a gym class without music! I could imagine how relaxing that could be - something that should defintily be promoted!

  7. How interesting, wouldn't mind a go myself. And what a nice job, to be able to do that for people.

  8. The monochord is a wonderful instrument. It is very rich in overtones, which create a very relaxing and mystical atmosphere! You can listen to music made with the monochord instrument here:


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