Thursday, 3 September 2009

Win a Shopping Spree!!

by voting for Kobe!!! This morning we went to check out Kobe's photo up in the Smile photographic competition at Meadow Mews. Kobe doesn't talk much yet - just the usual - 'Mum', 'Dad', 'Mama' (grandma) etc. but he always asks 'what's that!!?' or 'who's that!?'. This morning when he saw his photo he went up and touched it and went 'who's that!!?' straight away like he recognised himself (Kobe looks like a total bogan in this pic as he isn't feeling well).

There are some great photos in the competition including Kylie's who is also a finalist this year and was last year too. I was lucky enough to win the local competition last year with this photo of Pop and Dad in the ANZAC parade at Deloraine. Last year it was judged by a panel of judges who work for Centro.

This year the winner is the 'people's choice' meaning you can vote for it - yes YOU!!!

If you vote (either online or in the shopping centre) you can win a $5000 shopping spree to spend at Meadow Mews - that is a lot of groceries, haircuts, clothes, donuts, glasses, shoes or pastries - even worth flying down from the mainland for I'm sure! :)

Just click on the picture below to vote. Last time I checked Kobe was number 7 online and number 10 instore, but that may change. You have until the 20th September to vote and can get up to 5 extra entries to win the shopping spree if you let your friends know about it. Of course the shopping centre is in TAS, then 'Meadow Mews'. Good luck!


  1. So I voted for you...and seeing as i'm a pretty lucky person i'm deciding what i can spend $5000 on:)hmm chocolate?

  2. That is so neat Lisa, I would vote but it wouldn't let me because we are in the states.
    Good luck

  3. Love the photo of Kobe looking at himself! There are now no numbers just the names of the photos.

    We are thinking $5000 worth of donuts sounds OK!

  4. Voted for you, and i love love love love the photo!! Kobe is gorgeous, i also love the photo of him looking at himself! Too cute!!

  5. Simon and I both voted and referred 5 friends each. (yes we have 5) :)


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